Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gender and Genetics

I feel like i'm pretty practical. Well, I don't know if that's the right word? Maybe logical? mathematical? analytical? none of those in a genius sort of way.

So In wanting another kid my reasons are reasons like
~ 4 makes a nice even number
~ 4 makes it so each child has a partner for home and for rides at the amusement park
~ I need another girl because I can't buy Emery clothes for just one use
~ We bought a bike trailer a little late in the game, Ivan didn't use it, Jack sort of used it so Emery can use it and then I need at lease one more child to get use out of it
~ We just finished the basement and have this great play house that the kids may grow out of quick, but not if we have another baby.
~ We finished the basement and now have 4 rooms. We can't have an empty room just sitting there empty.

and so on so forth……..

so after 2 years of mulling it over in my head,  thinking about age and feeling stupid each time I wanted to bring it up but feeling regretful each month and year we didn't do it….plus 4 seasons of "Call the midwife"- I finally  had the nervous breakdown that had been building up and now here we are, 40 & 43 having a baby. And by golly it's a stinking girl! How? how did I luck out on that one? Cuz to be honest I mainly wanted another one so we could have another girl. And so that Mike wouldn't have to go to scout camp in his late 50's. 

After we found out, we sent the kids on a little treasure hunt. 

clue #1- What will we have? a girl or a boy? lets go looking to find our joy. Go to were the baby will sleep. (in my room in the little crib)

clue #2- "Rock-a-bye baby" (in the rocking chair down stairs)

clue #3- There's lots of stuffed animals for us to share, with our boy or girl…...we're almost there" (the boys closet in the stuffed animal box)

clue #4- Our favorite place to snuggle, I hope there's room, for a 4th little baby coming soon" (my bed)

There was a little cup for each one with blue and pink skittles. "count your skittles and then you'll see, the color with more is baby to be"

And there you have it. IT'S A GIRL. Genetic tests all came back good. Lets hope it stays that way

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Here's our trip to Florida, or should I say here's all the topiaries in Epcot center!

Mike had a training there so I went along

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The dreaded day has arrived. Scouts.

When we got our brand new van 4 yrs ago I said to Mike, "I'm bracing myself for the day we have to haul a bunch of boy scouts around in this thing, with their dirty hands, wiping dirty boogers on the ceiling and their rowdy bodies bouncing all over the place. I was right. The day has come.

When I was the primary president a few years back I had to keep tabs on cub scouts, I didn't know a lot about it, just enough that it was kind of a thorn in my side and I didn't ever really want to be a scout leader. But when Ivan turned 8 in March I knew my time was approaching.

I've arrived. I'm a cub scout leader.

Instead of the long lived traditional pinewood derby this year, they did a lego derby. It was great. They had bins and bins of lego's and the boys could build, race, rebuild to their hearts content. Ivan didn't really take any place. He was kinda getting discouraged. The siblings could build too and after a while Jack and Ivan decided to they should work together to build one and it went well. It beat the other cars in that run. They were sooooo happy.

Goodbye one bed partner….. Hello to another

I've had this snuggly little blonde teddy bear in my bed for the last 4yrs, well lets be honest, I've had 3 little snuggly bed partners in and out of my bed for the last 8 yrs, but the little blonde one has been a constant. 

We finally bought her a bed!

We've had kids sleep in our bed and we've slept in kids bed, but lately the boys have been in their OWN beds and even latelyier they have been going to sleep on their OWN; meaning we go in and read and then instead of laying there until they fall asleep, we leave and they go to bed on their own. Weird I know. Except for Mrs. Emery….. buuut the time has come! she now has a big girl bed and like a big girl, she has been sleeping in it. What, what!?! 

I wonder what it's going to be like to have Mike as my bed partner?

what a great two days

I don't know how many times I think something like, "you should move that cup or it's going to get knocked over" and then, as if I don't want to be told what to do, I ignore myself and sure enough the cup gets tipped over.  It's a lot of things…. "you should check your planner incase you have something today you're forgetting," you should, you should, you should!

Things are gonna change though. When I was packing tuesday I thought, "throw some finger nail clippers in." It was followed by an "oh I won't need them," but I caught myself and threw them in anyway. When we got to the hotel I went to unzip the suitcase and jammed my fingernail against the side and tore it way down. Glad I had the clippers. 

Yesterday morning we were headed out to Epcot center and I thought, "you should throw a tylenol in your bag." I don't really use a lot of medication and the sinus pressure I used it for was gone, but my hell I put it in my bag anyway. Of all the people wandering around Epcot that day I passed a couple and they looked at me and said, "do you happen to have any tylenol on you?" I was so happy I did. The husband told me they needed tylenol cuz his wife is pregnant and its all she can take. I normally would take an advil, but being pregnant too, I had the tylenol. Both of us due in Nov. Quirky little world we live in.

Let see if I can get 100% for listening skills from now on