Sunday, July 17, 2016

And in sports news…..

The kids are still playing. 
We signed Emery up for t-ball this spring. 

She really liked going to practice

Buuut, the first game, not so much. She got out there no problem. Then after a couple innings Mike asked me, "is she crying?"

 and sure enough my gal was wiping slow coming tears. She looked over at me and then just burst into a full on cry and ran off the field. She said she never wanted to play in a game again.

It may have been because it was a late game and she had fallen asleep on the way over? Or maybe it was all the voices yelling, "get the ball?"  or maybe she was just flat out in the wrong attire? 

 She  seems to like it fine when she plays like this

But that's ok. I didn't push it. It's not going to hurt my feelings to have one less practice and game to go to.

Ivan and Jack finished up another fun soccer season

These boys have been playing with each other since they were 4yrs old. Well I guess not all the same boys, but a mix of boys from our neighborhood and it has been so fun. Next year they have to split up. They changed it so you play with kids in your same birth year rather than school year. The coach is forming an independent competition team and so 6 of them will be playing on that team. It's gonna be a lot more time and commitment but we feel lucky to do it with friends and have practices remain out our front door. 

Jack had fun with coach pitch

Ivan had fun with machine pitch

annnnd  football starts pretty soon. I'm kinda anxious for that.