Friday, July 25, 2014


This summer is the first summer in the history of my life where we went to the cabin, but didn't stay at the cabin. When I was a child I would have never imagined this day. The family is all grown up and taking up too much space. Things have been split up and so my dad and aunt Dottie are both building cabins on some property down the lane from the original cabin. It's kinda sad, but kinda exciting and will be so fun to be able to be in Panguitch the same time my other relatives are there. I miss that. 

My dad has worked his butt almost clear off now for 3 summers. He has done so much and is not a young man anymore. He started building two summers ago

and now it looks like this

The other men in the family help out when they can

 The kids don't

well sometimes they do

 My dad pretty much lives there in the summer. We are so proud of what he has done. I know it's hard and he is tired. I'm amazed at what such an old fart has accomplished. Thank you pa.

We were all suppose to go down and stay for the week of the 24th.  Well the fri before Emery had a fever. Sat it was completely gone and she seemed fine. Sunday night she was fever'n again. So we couldn't leave Monday. Or Tue. Or wed. finally took her in wed and she had a urinary tract infection. Got the antibiotic home and she threw it up. Threw it up again that night and then the next morning. So thur (the 2th) I took her in and got a different antibiotic. We missed all the Panguitch 24th of July celebrations. I have a hard time missing that! But we got there and enjoyed the weekend. Lets hope for a better trip next year. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Ute Stampede

Mikes family used to camp every year at the KOA in Nephi for the Ute Stampede. They quit doing it for a while, but the last two years his brothers family has camped a couple nights and so we go up early and spent the day at their sight and then stay in a motel one night. Maybe we'll camp next year.

Some of the Balle side cousins- Hannah
Hilary and hubby Kevin
 Tara and hubby Sean
Brett and Conner
 Mike's brother Mark and wife Lisa
 Mikes other brother Brad and wife Jan
(other brother Steve is in Idaho)
Mikes mom
his wife Becca

Remember how Emery didn't like the fire works on the 4th? She didn't like these ones either and hid behind my back

Jack slept right through them
We love the ute stampede

Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th

Well, on the 4th we had a family reunion on my moms side. Then that night I took the boys (with my fam)  to Jordan High for the fireworks. Mike stayed home with Emery. Traffic trying to leave the place takes longer than the actual firework show. 

The next night we had our 3rd (I think) annual neighbor bbq out in our driveway. I look forward to it. I love our neighbors and I really enjoy doing stuff like that. Although I didn't get any pictures of us. The last couple of years we have had the greatest firework show right out in our circle (thanks to the Harrisons) but none of us got any this year. Instead we went over to the park where a guy in our neighborhood does a show. It is AWESOME. UNBELIEVABLE! And the best part is walking back into your house after and dealing with NO traffic 
 They made Emery a lil nervous. Can you see her little hands in fists over her eyes