Sunday, May 31, 2015

Ivan the great finished First Grade

Ok seriously, this school year FLEW by! 
Next year we go to a brand new elementary. I'm excited about it, but I will miss North Point. I thought it was such a great school. Ivan's teacher was so fun. It was her first year teaching and she was an excited first year teacher. She was always so in love with everything her students were doing and we often got "love emails" telling us so. She was also a great picture taker and gave us copies.

The school theme this year was "Take Flight"

                                           Dad's and donuts                   Crazy hair day

Mustache day

I didn't help out much in the classroom cuz I have Emery, but one day she needed help and said I could bring her with me. She had all the kids sitting around her on the rug, going through some math stuff. Emery and I were in a back corner separating some things. When she asked for an answer to a math question Emery called out, "14." Then when they got up for their "brain break" to dance Emery couldn't contain herself and had to join in.

Teacher appreciation. 
Thank you Aunt Dottie and Jamie for helping me. There was a big, cute owl that sat on the branch but I can't find the picture 


Field Day/Fun run

School Dance festival

I don't know what it's like to have something dangling between my legs all the time, it must be weird because Ivan can't leave it alone.  My friend Katie took these pictures for me and didn't even realize she  was capturing him just perfectly!

Little class program on the last day

Kids in his class from our neighborhood
(Brynlee, Lily, Micah, Jackson, Coen)

We will miss Mrs Jensen!

And miss picking Ivan up
(he'll bus next year)

We won't miss homework and will dread it for next year!

Happy Summer everyone

Friday, May 29, 2015

Jack finished pre-school and is ready for kindergarten

Man, this kid! 
It was a pure treat taking him to and from school. When he'd get out of the car he'd turn around 2 or 3 times and blow me a kiss. When I'd pick him up he was always so excited about what they'd done that day. 


Field trip


Field trip

The perfect student…..except for the end of year program.  
He was so excited for it and practiced the songs at home all the time. Ivan doesn't love to sing little songs and so he never comes home and sings anything from school. Jack was always doing it so I was excited for his program. Last minute they had to change it from Ms Kristi's house to the church and it threw him all out of whack. He wouldn't do it. He wouldn't get on stage. I took a picture of the gap where he is suppose to be standing. Man it made me mad. I literally cried I was so mad and sad. I wanted to see that little fat face up there! 
We will miss Ms Kristi's, but Jack is so excited for kindergarten

Thursday, May 28, 2015


If I remember right, we went down to the Payson temple open house. Normally we visit the cemetery there and then in Nephi, but we didn't this year.  Then the next day headed to the cabin.

That's the problem with going back to blog about the past. I can't remember. From this picture below it looks like just Emery and I went to the cabin for memorial. 
We love Panguitch and we love Grandpa and Grandma Young for what they've given us there. 
And also grateful to, however many greats, grandpa Allen Miller and his sacrifices in helping to settle the Panguitch area.
and also Ryan for that tender face in the background!

And i'm pretty sure these pictures aren't from memorial, but it's at Mikes Dad's resting spot so i'll add them to this memorial day post. Once in a while Jack will be sitting in deep thought and when we ask what he's thinking he says he's thinking about Grandpa Balle.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Random pictures I think are cute but don't fit anywhere

Charlie and Ivan's homemade crossfit gym

playing school

aw, the days when Emery actually slept in her own bed

It def goes faster with two. 
Ivan and charlie

lunch with jr high friends. 

Two things we like to do in this house, cram in the bathtub and cram in my bed

It takes Mike like 20 extra minutes to get home from work and that's just from the bottom of the driveway to the top. When the kids are out and they see him coming around the corner they all run to get in and ride in the back ALL THE WAY UP THE DRIVEWAY. Such a thrill