Friday, January 17, 2014

I've got a headache  just thinking about blogging Christmas. I have to do it though cuz we just got 2011 in book form and it is so great to look back even just 2 years.  So until I can muster up the courage to do Christmas……..

Here's Jack
He's a funny kid. He loves to dress up. It was spiderman for a while. Then power rangers and lately it's his batman pajama's or any pajama's for that matter. 

He could hardly wait for pajama day at school

And he usually has accessories with his outfits. Most the time it's those little tight winter gloves. But this day he wore these glasses all day

 spiderman and power ranger having tea
So when I told him he was going into Sunbeams this year, naturally he wanted to know if he got to wear a sunbeam outfit to church. Man I wish I would have sent him that first week with a big sun with beams around his face! Why didn't I?

Thursday, January 2, 2014


We got November then December then January and finish up in March.  
Mike and I start the wave by trying to throw our 2 birthdays in in-between all the madness of thanksgiving and Christmas.  So here they are real quick….

lets see, what did we do for Mikes, I can't even remember. I think we went to cheesecake factory and then walked around the mall. He did get a really cool present that was more for the kids than him.  (hanging bball hoop)
 I did make him a cake

Then for mine we got a little crazy and actually went down town for dinner. A new place we've never tried. It was delicious and educational all in one. Never would we sacrifice our pride to ask the waitress what the heck the menu was talking about. We just googled each word and loved our meals. I do absolutely hate this picture though. We took it to send to our nephew cuz he eats at this place all the time. I don't know what it is. I don't normally peak out from behind my hair across my eye

The actual birth day was a pretty normal one. Kate makes this most delicous cake that has ever been made in the history of mankind. I think it's the 3rd one? am I right?  so after doctors appointments and poopy diapers and basketball games we had dinner and cake with my folks
My birthday gift is that smile from my little girl. 

 The following weekend my 2 sisters and 2 cousins and I went to see "catching fire" and then Jamie had cheesecake, presents and hot choc waiting in her mini van, excuse me…."party van." and it was a party I must say

In other news, little Maybell is still so dang cute. Ivan has started to call her Emery now. You never hear him use Maybell and I'm like, "look dude, you are the one who got us into this mess. You can't go changing on us like that!" 

-She is so full of life and funness. 
-She calls Ivan "buddy" and jack "jackers"
-her skin gets dry and witchy (itchy) so she's always telling me, "mom, witch it" and I love to witch my little girls weg. 
-when she wants a popsicle at my mother in laws she comes up and whispers at me, "pop pop."
-when she wants me to pick her up she says, "need me"
-she calls my mom "da-ma" and calls mikes mom "balle"
-she wants us to watch everything she does, "mom watch, mom watch, mom watch"
-knows how to yell "DON'T" like she means it
-and she follows me around, "nursing, nursing"