Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Our nephew and his wife are doing a rotation at the lake powell clinic. Her parents own the Ticaboo resort near Bullfrog and our other niece and her hubby decided to go out and see them. Then I don't know what got into me, but I decided to join them! Mike couldn't go. I decided Monday or Tuesday. Packed. Picked the boys up from school Thursday, ate something and drove straight through. 

Looking at their rocks. You can se them on the ground in-between them

We made really good time and got there about 7:30. Took the razors out for a quick ride. Emery and Dawson have become such fun little cousins. They were SOOO excited to see each other.

 Ivan and I rode with Kevin and Hillary. Kevin is a maniac and scared the pants off of Ivan as he sped through the mud and bounced over small hills. :)

This is the Ticaboo resort. It's in the middle of nowhere

 Friday morning we got to take a boat out and tube for a bit. It was fun. I enjoy a nice boating day

 Malori, Hillary and Kevin
Came back that night, swam at the hotel and had pizza at Kristian and Malori's place. Then went with Kevin and Hillary over to this little gas station called, "off shore" and got ice cream.

Then Saturday morning we got to take the paddle boards out. Look how cool we are in a mini van!

Ivan spent most of his time trying to catch lizards. This boy loves animal

 I love this picture. 
Jacks head perfectly alines with the opening of my legs. looks kinda funny

Ivan and I paddles out and jumped off the rock. I was impressed that he dared.

The two days we spent at the lake the kids still wanted to come back and swim at the hotel. They did a lot of swimming and it was nice because I got to lay and read a bit. We went and got ice cream again then came back and watched an outdoor movie at the hotel. 

Sunday morning Kristian took us out to shoot his sweet hand gun
 Ivan collected the shells
 Went went and had lunch and yet ANOTHER ice cream and then headed home. 

We had a great time. It was so fun to see Kristian and Malori and experience their living conditions out in the middle of nowhere :) Also it has been a while since I've been to lake powell so it was nice to refresh my memory.