Friday, March 27, 2015

I just like this picture 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Emery and Ivans Birthday

When I say their names together I feel like I should sing……. "Ebony and Ivory." I don't know why? They're not representative or anything?
Anyway- We have yet to do a friend birthday party for any of my kids. Two families is enough celebration I think. This year was fun cuz I got to go to ivans class, read his favorite book to the class, pass out a treat and then eat lunch with him. 

Ivan and his cousin Tayson

My cousin Shelley moved in right across from our elementary school. Ivan has loved going to school with Ryker and Tayson. I made cookies on his bday and when I picked up my loaded car pool we stopped by shelley's and had a cookie with all the kids

Then after school we went and picked out his birthday cereal

and came home and had a bowl with Micah and Charlie

and Jacey.

 celebrated with family

Mikes side

Brad and Jan gave her a robe. Now she can walk around in a robe like her mamma.

Ivan- You are 7 and have always been so mature. We often talk about how we've made the mistake of always treating you bigger than you are and expecting more out of you than we should. You love army guns and shooting and playing army. You also still like pretending to be any animal and you're so good at taking on their shape and movement. Every night we get in bed and read together. We've read some great books together. You cry at the sad ones. I love how sensitive you are. You have done so good in school this year. You love a bowl of cereal. You're favorite is peanut butter cherrios. You also love the song "coward of the county" by Kenny Rogers. You are always on the move, playing non stop with friends. Even when we are at home eating dinner or whatever, you can hardly hold still. You still love sports and have been playing soccer, football, basketball and baseball.  You still love to hold my "cold arm." It tickles me so i'm always pulling it way and you just insist on holding it. We have had our battles over clothes and you are a "one more" kinda kid. I love you so much

Emery- it has been so fun to have a little girl. You are full of personality. We've been nursing up until now and I keep talking about how we need to stop and so one night we were sitting there and you said, "mom, you gotta get me to quit nursing!"  We finally quit. About 3 days after your bday. You love pink and you love your dance class and you love the black leotard jamie bought you from the DI. You want to wear that thing everyday. You can get kinda sassy with your brothers. Ivan loves you so much and always wants to snuggle you and you like to be a stinker and not let him. You are so fun to snuggle because you wrap your whole body around me so tight. You are independent and we love you so much.