Monday, January 12, 2015

Jack Daddy's big bday

Jack- You are so great. Happy #5 birthday. 
You are really into ninja turtles. You still love power rangers. You love to flip and hang and jump and make these loud random screeching noises. You love to make fighting noises "wha poosh" type sounds as you fight through thin air and kick. I told you once that your pee was too yellow and you needed to drink more water. Now you always come to me after using the bathroom and want me to guess what color your pee was. If it's white you ask me with a sad face trying to make me think you are going to say yellow. You love to have a snack and watch a show. Usually a power ranger show. You love to snuggle. Dad sleeps with you in your room. You like to sing along to songs on the radio and are really in to "coward of the county" by kenny rogers. You love to play with cousin Jared and your friends Charlie Keel and Logan Despain and you usually use their full name when you talk about them. You are pretty easy going, funny and so dang lovable!

The kids get to pick out their own cereal on their birthday. I thought he'd go a little more captain crunchy or something. 

We didn't get to do our annual family Christmas present game party in december so we did it at Jack and Jareds bday party.