Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cache Valley Century

Fun weekend with friends. We traveled up to Logan for the Cache Valley Century bike ride. We stopped and ate dinner at the famous Maddoxx in Brigham city. Then we got to our hotel and pretty much went to bed

Cooks, Balles, Jones

We got up the next morning and took our sweet time getting ready I guess, because we were literally the last ones to start the race. After riding a while we got a little confused, thinking we should be hitting the lunch station by that point. Couldn't see it. Then a van pulled up and let us know we had just missed it. I guess if you snooze you lose!

We continued to ride to the next resting stop where they assured us that someone would still be there. First we stopped at this little gas station to chit chat with the Jones relatives who own it.
Then by the time we got to the next resting stop it was pouring rain and really cold. They had a few granola bars left over. We sat in the rain and someone took the men back to get our cars to come pick us up. :) When we got back to the starting point it had cleared up, we ate some yummy food they provide, got a short massage,

And then shot this sexy photo before heading home!
Great friends, scenery, ride and weekend
(Aug 2014)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Mirror Lake

I love it when we do spontaneous things. It is soooo very rare. Here's one of the few. 
Fishing at Mirror Lake

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The bigger summer events for 2014

Two nephews left on missions this summer.
Mike took the boys to Justin's farewell in Idaho.
He's gone to Columbia

The two missionary cousins and their grandma

Two days later we headed out for our Yellowstone trip. 
This trip is a very special one to the Balle family. Mike's parents took each grandchild on this trip when they turned 8 yrs old. Since Mike's dad has passed away and our kids are so young they won't get the chance to go with Grandma and Grandpa so we decided to go this summer and take Mike's mom with us. They take the same route, and do the same activities and stay in the same places and eat at the same places every trip.

DAY 1- stopped in Soda Springs for lunch. Then on to Jackson Hole for the Bar J Wrangles and sleep one night. 
Bar J

Carriage ride

DAY 2- Ate breakfast in the hotel. Messed around at the ranger station. Stop at Jenny lake
 Took the boat ride across

 and then Sharon and Emery took it back across

While the rest of us hiked back around the lake

It took us a while. 
At first we had to stop for every waterfall

 Pretty scenery

 family pictures in the pretty scenery

selfies in the pretty scenery

 to climb on rocks

to throw rocks

 and to pick up every stick

and that was all in the first 50 ft. 
Then all the sudden Jack got tired and had to be carried. 
It then became a really long walk

finally we reached the other side

Then we left Jenny lake, got a picture with the pretty Teton mountain

and drove to yellowstone. We stopped in Grants village and had lunch. The boys begged for toys. We had ice cream. Then drove over to fishing bridge. 

 Then as we made our way further into Yellowstone we spotted our first of the kazillion buffalo you see. Pulled over so the boys could use their new binocs. Even though we could almost touch the buffalo.

Then we drove a bit further and Ivan spotted a bear just on the other side of the river. We pulled over and got a good view but no pictures. Then we checked in our little cabin. Went to the gift shop and Ivan picked a toy elk and Jack picked a tube of a variety of small animals. Bought soup and took it back to our cabin. Hiked around the cabin. Then everyone but me and Jack drove around to look for more animals. We stayed in and snuggled.

DAY 3- Rained in the morning. We ate breakfast at, "the grill."

Then went to see Old Faithful. The boys got t-shirts and we got some yummy ice cream that I want to go back for.

Then we argued for a little bit about the plan of going to west yellowstone to the bear museum that we had miscommunicated about. We went

Then headed back closer to our cabin. Stopped to see the hot pots/geysers. Emery (and grandma) needed a nap so they napped in the van while we walked around

Back to the cabin to unwind.

 Had dinner. Jack and grandma stayed in while Mike and I took Ivan to hike the brink of the lower falls. Amazing waterfall! 

 then Mike and Ivan walked the trail back to the cabin. I went to the shop to get emery some pajama's. Then they all went out again to look for animals. Jack and I stayed in, we snuggled and I read to him and as I was singing him this little song I could hear that they had come back. They got to the door the very second I finished the song and the very second Jack slipped into peaceful sleep. Ah.

DAY 4- Raining again in the morning. After it settled we headed out for a stage coach ride. When we got there it was canceled cuz of the rain. We bought some very expensive lunchables and went over to Lamar valley for a picnic. We saw antelope

ate lunch in the wind

 saw a lot of this two year old going potty

 On the drive back we saw three bears. Got a picture of just one.

 Then we went to Dragons mouth
 Then back to cabin for dinner. I said hamburger instead of cheeseburger. Ug and then we ordered malts and it was too cold to enjoy the cold malt. Then we put Jack and Emery to bed and played cards and read some more

 DAY 5- Quick breakfast and then to artist point. Good bye to our cabin and Yellowstone.

 Then off to Artist Point. Its the other end of the waterfall we saw earlier
It was cold and drizzly so we didn't really stick around to enjoy it.

 Then we traveled back to Jackson hole for our last night of our vacation. Watched the shoot out in town. Ate dinner at Bubba's. Bought the kids guns. Had ice cream. Bought candy from the candy store

 Next day as we headed out of Yellowstone we found him on the side of the road. It was fun, we got to see lots of animals.
 On each trip they take they play the license plate game. Write down all 50 states and cross them off as they see the license plate. I thought my kids were kinda little so I printed maps they could color instead. They didn't color, but Sharon and I did!
We got home Sunday and went straight to Parkers farewell

And this post has made me so tired and my back hurts and I used the word "then" 22 times.