Saturday, August 27, 2011

And lets not forget the boys!

In all the summer madness I mustn't forget to record my favorite part... the boys. They just play all day long, back and forth between each others houses.

Ivan does have a tendency to try and make others play just how he envisions it. Yesterday he and Micah were playing, Ivan was a cheetah and he wanted Micah to hunt him down. Ivan must have had exactly how it was to be done in his mind because he was trying to tell Micah exactly where and how he was to walk and when he was to come out and if Micah moved at the wrong time Ivan was telling him when the right time was. I had to butt in, "Ivan, let the poor kid make his own choices. Try just rolling with the punches, improv a little, see how that works." He also has to be the "biggerest" and the "betterest." I'm guessing, as his friends, that's going to get old fast. Don't worry, we are working on it.

They are fun and have a great time together. I haven't been very good at picture taking lately.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

and just incase you are wondering

This is my cousin Ryan (and Russell and Aunt Dottie) and this is the counter we jumped up on (2003)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ryan, you say jump! and I say, how high?

It's odd.... but I've been surprisingly busy lately. That's odd for me, not the rest of the world. People seem to be super busy all the time. Not me. I just don't really find myself that busy I guess. I'll be honest, we do a lot of rock-a-bye'n around here. Well that and lawn mowing and weeding, but even that has gone by the way side the last month or so.

However, I do still manage to have myself a Delicious mid-day snack of chips and cheese and salsa... amongst my busy life. I even took a picture of it the other day and was going to post about it for my cousin Ryan, because we did eat a lot of it when I was living with them in Arizona. Which afterwards we would play a nice game of jumping tigers. It's where we would actually jump from the floor up onto the counter in one jump. I repeat- ONE JUMP! I mean I was only about 27 at the time. What other behavior would you expect from a young 27 yr old. Actually I bet I never was able to do it. I know Ryan could.

Anyway- I never did post my chips and cheese, but tonight I read your comment Ryan and I musn't waste anymore time. Here they are!!!

You'll notice I've "healthied" it up a bit. Try throwing a bit of protein on there and it makes you feel a lot better. Normally I have an avocado laying around and so I have chips, cheese and salsa AND avocado. Then I started adding the beans. Yes, I know, if I'm not careful I'll be turning this mid-day snack into a large plate of nacho's and that's really what's for dinner. So I only do it occasionally. Bone Appetite