Thursday, October 30, 2014

October festivites for 2014

I'm going back in time to blog about the past year and it's kinda weird. It's like I can't remember anything and I feel like I'm getting my years mixed up.  Here's a few pix from october. I really don't have anything fun to say about them.

Hee Haws for Jacks field trip

 At my moms in costume. Just random

I do remember we carved pumpkins pretty early in the month because ours had rotten by halloween :)

We took an october cabin trip

Ward party with Jacey
and Jaceys family. They always dress up fun.

School stuff

waiting for parade to start
Rachel and Avery (next door neighbors)
My boy
my dear friend, neighbor and mother of jacks lil friend logan, Katie despain
cousin Ryker (tayson was sick)

 And the big night

 our other brother and sister Charlie and Lucy

And that's a wrap