Sunday, October 30, 2011

Well with Halloween just around the corner I guess that means summer is officially over. Just a few smaller things to record that kept us busy this summer....

Sleep over at grandma Young's
Murray pool while Edie was in town. My kids actually got in the pool on their own free will

Jensen turned 4 and had his 3rd Thomas b-day party
All the kids, BUT mine played on the slip and slide

Until the end, when all the kids were done- then Ivan wanted to play on it. I mean walk on it
We still tend Jacey once a week
We went to the Ute Stampede. This year we went earlier in the day and played up the canyon before the rodeo

The cousins on the Balle side (minus Justin, Cody and Brittany)

I had to keep this picture for 3 reasons. 1- it shows Ivan's need to get a feel of my arm any chance he can. 2- it looks like I'm a fountain of knowledge, teaching my son. "Yes dear, the sun is a big ball of gas floating in the universe, around which the earth revolves 3- I want to remember how I manage to get one strand of hair to stay in a pony tail

We contemplated whether or not to cut Jacks little duck tail. We didnt'.
We sat in strollers in the back of the truck
We signed up for Itty Bitty soccer and attended 2 of the 6 session
For some reason I love these running pictures of Ivan. He's not the fastest kid on the block, but he sure has form when he runs and it seems like all the pictures I get capture him in mid-air. I like it
He'd rather show the coach is toy lion than play soccer

We rode motorcycles with Micah
Nielsen got chickens
And now we are ready for winter

Friday, October 7, 2011

You win some. You lose some.

Last weekend was such a nice weekend. Nothing amazing, but for some reason it just turned out SOOO enjoyable. Maybe it's because it started out with a double nap. It really is great when the boys end up asleep at the same time. I have them close, but it's quiet in the house and it's just a fun feeling for some reason. Ivan doesn't really take naps anymore, but SOMETIMES it accidentally happens. Jack usually goes down pretty good, but SOMETIMES when I lay him in the crib he says, "hold hand" and so I lay on the floor next to him and hold his sweet little hand through the bars. I do like it I must say. Then on top of that, SOMETIMES Ivan wants to come in with me and lay by Jack and SOMETIMES this happens!
Then that night we met Mike for dinner and to our amazement there was no kid wrestling. We debated whether or not to take the kids to our parents, but just decided not to and we had a wonderful time. They were both so pleasant and just ate their dinner. I'm not sure I've seen two cuter faces. Thank you boys, for being so good. We may try it again sometime :) And then of course conference always makes for a nice, rejuvenating weekend. 

 This weekend we haven't been so lucky. It has started with stitches instead of a nice double nap. Oh well, you win some and lose some. Jack fell off the bed and bonked his head. Wow, that sure does give a mother a fright! I was hoping to make it through life without any kids in stitches. ;)

 I'm not sure what it is that makes me look so cool? The stitches?  The tooth pick? Or the crossed leg?