Friday, February 27, 2015

San Diego

Mike works a lot in January. ALOT. We started joking about me just taking the boys on a trip someplace. Then Mike's mom started talking about how the whales were out in San Diego and flights were cheap. We started actually looking at flights. They were cheap- $49 each way. It didn't take long before we started pinning down dates. But then figured if we were going to go, we should probably wait until after January when Mike can come too. So we booked ourselves some tickets for the very end of Feb into the 1st of March. EXCITING!

Take off

The whole trip started with the desire to whale watch. We had a little time before our scheduled boat cruise/tour so we went through the U.S.S Midway.

Then waited in line for our much anticipated whale watch

It started out ok. Nice to be out on the water. We got out and were able to see a whale and her baby. Far in the distance. And then we sat and watched and rocked and watched and rocked and rocked and watched and got sicker and sicker and sicker. 

 Then we did what the kids flew all the way to San Diego to do….. swim

 She's got this posing thing going on whenever we take pictures

 The hotel was fun. We had to rooms that were connected and the kids loved that

If I think about a hotel too much I start to get grossed out. But at the same time, it's kinda fun to come back to a hotel room and get cleaned up and lay in bed and do nothing.

 The next morning Matt & Mykel came over from Los Angeles to play with us for a couple days. We went to Sea World

The whole time at sea world the boys pretty much whined about getting a toy. I felt like we spent most of our time searching for the right one. Back and forth to the same store and diff stores. And after all the trauma about it, we didn't even get a picture of what they each chose! 

 Emery loved Shamu

 then the next morning, some of us swam

 and some of us didn't

  We went over to see the San Diego temple. Very pretty

Ivan and Jack kept camouflaging themselves and asking if we could see them?

So Matt took a picture of them

and then another one to show them how well they blend in :) he he

They thought it was so cool you they couldn't see themselves in the picture.

 Little miss pouty wouldn't get in our picture. notice her off to the right, behind us

Then we visited the Mormon Battalion

 Then to dinner

boys side of the booth

girls side of the booth

The next morning we went to the wild life park. We had a big blow up with Ivan when we got there and the rain poured the whole time. So that was a good time.

That night we ate a a bbq place and a friend of mine from jr high, who now lives in San Diego, met us there. It was so fun to see her. She and I went back to her place afterwards to visit for a while

We couldn't really get to the beach because of rain until our last day there. Finally we got to play in the ocean. Breakfast along the beach

Then some more time at Sea world

And then home! Fun vacation