Thursday, March 8, 2018


Hmmm lets see, how did February turn out this year?
 I think it's probably pretty similar to January. Our routine is running to the school to change out the home reading books, then tumbling (Emery) and swim (Jack & Emery) on Mondays.  Tuesdays we do piano (Jack) then to dance (Emery) and then to soccer (Ivan) practice. Wednesdays we are back to tumbling and then scouts (me, Ivan & Jack). Thursdays slow down to just soccer (Ivan) and Friday is piano for me and then a bit of freedom. 

My mom turned 72 this month. It is so crazy. My cousin sent this picture to me. It's the one my grandma put in the paper to announce my parents engagement. I see a little bit of Jack in her.

Valentines was pretty wet and cold. We made our annual sugar cookies and delivered them to friends and grandma's and then just took the whole family and went to Himalayan kitchen for dinner.

Ivan plays football no matter what

It was Emery's turn to be star student. This poster notes that she likes dance, roller blading, tumbling, BBQ chips dunking in cottage cheese, and fav book is Magic Treehouse.

Jack did his spotlight in January but thought I'd throw it in while putting Emery's up.

Updated picture of the babies

 How come babies like to sit on the dishwasher door?

 Just quick Kate update. 
She likes to look through books. She gives a cute little excited laugh when I get out of the van and she can see me walk around behind it until I reach her door. She loves skin (like Ivan did as a baby). Any skin she see's showing she'll either give it a little pinch, a zerbert or rub it. She leans in quite often for a kiss. Sometimes when I'm nursing her she'll pull off and say, "mom" and if I don't answer she'll say it again, "mom." and if I tell her, "shhh go to sleep" or ignore her or say anything other than, "what?" she'll just keep saying "mom." as soon as I say "What?" a bunch of gibberish comes rolling out of her mouth and then she'll go back to nursing. The process can repeat itself 3 or 4 times during the nursing session or when we are driving in the car. She is saying so much. She tells everyone in the store "hi." One day we were at the store and I was stopped looking at something and there was a lady next to us looking at her phone. Kate said, "hi." The lady didn't respond so she said it again. Then again. The lady was looking at her phone texting so kate bend down and forward toward her kinda like she was trying to stick her face under the ladies to get her attention and said "hi!" again. One of my favorite things is how she nods her head yes. Most the time babies get good at the "no" head shake, but when I ask Kate something she will nod her head two quick nods yes. She loves dogs and discovered a pair of jelly shoes and some pink shoes in  her drawer and always wants them on. 

Cousin Cody is headed to Jackson Mississippi as a missionary. We drove to Idaho to hear him speak in church. We are excited for him.

We are just starting to get our winter snow. ug.


Can you believe it's January TWO THOUSAND AND EIGHTEEN?! I cannot.
January is crappy because Mike works late nights and most Saturdays, but it's great because we get to start the year with a birthday for Jack. Jack turned 8. The kids get a friend party for the 8th birthday and then every other year after. Jack is pretty easy to please, so we had a few friends over, played a few games downstairs and had cake and ice cream. 

It's true there wasn't a bounce house, just hula hoops and dodge ball and a tiny tikes basketball hoop.

Family celebration

Our Jack is a joy. 
He has to be making loud squealing sounds most the time and he has to get a good smack in when he walks past you; either on the head, the butt, the back, wherever, just as long as it's annoying. He also likes to take things that don't belong to him to cause trouble, but is able to keep the most innocent face, like he has no idea what he's doing or what Emery is all screamy about. As smart as he is he has yet to learn what the word "STOP" means. But somehow he is still a joy. He has the softest body that is perfect for snuggling. He's got a fun sense of humor.  I admire his laid back personality. Although it's so laid back that he could care less if he looks me in the eye and says he brushed his teeth when I know darn well he didn't. His favorite food is chips. He takes after Grandpa Woody and loves BBQ chips. He's smart and kind and friendly at school and could watch TV all day if we let him.  He's now in scouts

He also started piano (so did I) and is really liking it and doing awesome. He also started swim lessons. We needed something physical for the winter months and want to be ready for summer.

He still says pretty sweet things about Kate. One time we were discussing what we can do when we are angry instead of getting mad and his suggestion for me when I 'm mad was to picture them all as baby Kate. 

Another time he was telling me just how cute Kate is and I told him that I loved how they all loved her because it gives them a little glimpse of how I feel about them and he said, "yeah...  but you got to give birth to her and that's the beautiful part. Another time I was telling the kids how lucky Kate is to have them them and he said, "WE are so lucky to have HER." He's fun loving and I'm glad he's mine.

Other than his birthday January was pretty uneventful. Ive put my library app to use and have listened to a couple books: 
All the light we cannot see
To kill a mocking bird
In order to live
 I know why the caged bird sings

Kate had an ear infection most of the month. 3 rounds of antibiotics finally did the trick. Mike took Ivan and Jack skiing

and that pretty much does it

Saturday, December 30, 2017


This years ornimants
pink power ranger, starwars, spiderman and a dog for Kate

 This years pajamas..... it's nice I got a picture of the wrapping paper rather than the actual pajamas

This years dance recital

This years sleeping arrangements. Jack and Emery liked to push the two chairs together to make a little crib  and  then trade off sleeping next to the Christmas tree

This years (our first) tumbling performance
Jude and Kate cheering Emery on

In October I got a picture of the oldest and youngest cousin on Mikes side. This is the oldest and youngest on my side

This years school Christmas sing



This years present game party at my house

 This year cousin Eric got married. We are so excited for them

This years Christmas morning

This years Christmas day

And this year I was so excited to get my third Christmas hand wreath. So far all my kids have had Mrs Ellsworth for Kindergarten and so I have one of these awesome decorations for Ivan, Jack, Emery and hope one day to get one for Kate

After Christmas this year we took trax uptown to see the lights

This years New Years Eve
Kate and Jude

Kate and McKay

 Uncle Mark and Emery

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Wrapping up November with a little stomach bug

I think we have the curse of the holiday or travel time bug. Seems as though we get sick on holidays or when we're planning to go to the cabin. About 1:00am Thanksgiving morning Mike heard Kate cry out. He went in and got her, brought her into me and she splattered throw up all over. So we rise and shine and wash sheets and put Kate in the tub, just in time for Emery to wake and throw up. We spent the next few hours washing and throw uping and bathing. So the girls and I stayed home from all the Thanksgiving fun.  Jack, Ivan and Mike played football with Conner and Kevin and Kevin's side of the family. They had a great time and Ivan really held his own with all the big people. They may have called him " little ninja."  I cleaned house, set up Christmas decorations and played kings in the corner.

We thought we were in the clear, but then 1:00 Saturday morning I woke up a puke'n. It's not fun as an adult is it. Then 1:00 this morning (Sunday) Ivan added to the party. Mike and Jack are the last two standing. Lets hope for the best for them!!

Other than that, November has been good. Our little/big Kate turned one.

My brother in law made this hat when emery was a baby

She is still the love of all of our lives. The kids don't tire of her. Ivan is constantly talking about how lucky we are and how cute she is. She is good at snuggling in with all the kids and giving them the loves they so desire. She can throw a nice tantrum. She says "mom" all day long, so the conversation at our house is, "mum," "What honey?" "mum" "What honey?" she also says hi, nana (banana), ack (jack), and dog. She needs to start walking cuz i'm tired of the crawling. She is a tease and at church she likes to hide behind chairs and then peek out and play peek a boo w people. She's nervous when I hold her up in the air or spin her around and she holds onto me really tight. She loves other little kids and when we are at the store she says, "hi, hi, hi" to any kid she sees.  She likes to pat dolls and snuggle stuffed animals. She like to rub my arm and she's playing less on her own and following me around the house with a  little begging whine which is super fun. 

We had a cupcake with Mikes mom

and one with my family

Mike also had a b-day this month. He says lots of things too. He says, "man the weekend went fast" a lot. He also says "yeah I just need to change my attitude about work and be more positive" a super duper lot. The poor guy don't like his job, but he just got a membership to the gym and goes before work and really enjoys it so that's good. 

Mike and Ivan got to use our neighbors BYU tickets. As if losing on TV isn't bad enough, they got to watch it live

And since life is always fair then Jack and Emery now have to have a one on one with him. 
Mike and Jack went swimming yesterday and I think Emery is also going to choose swimming. 

We got the Christmas lights up.
and I guess that's about it for November