Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Happy Birthday Grandma Young

And then not much else for February

 except for Kate first haircut. 

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Jack's spotlight

Jack Thomas Balle
He'll kill me for putting this undie picture up, but we need to remember that Jack likes to be just in his undies. He can be my silly boy, loves to climb and jump and spin and kick and be tickled, or put in a bear trap (I wrap around him and he has to try and get out), or wrestle or walk by and smack someone on the butt. He still doesn't know what the word stop means. He's been playing piano for a year now and doing awesome. His teacher is very complimentary and tells me he is a natural and progresses quickly. He enjoys lego's and has been into bey blades lately. He does great in school. He's getting so big, but still is able to melt right in and snuggle with me. He tells me he's too old for kisses, but I think he think's that's what he's suppose to feel like. If I catch him at the right time, he doesn't seem to mind them. He can be a little ornery fart at times, but super sweet at other times. He's good at writing us notes and drawing us pictures. 

Him and Logan Despain are still the greatest little friends. I may have already put this picture in a previous post? He has some great friends in our neighborhood, but him and Logan have such a great little friendship.

He loves to position his toys around the house

 And like everyone else, he loves Kate

We love you Jack

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


January is a great time huh? A new year, new years resolustions, lots of new presents and things from Christmas...... 
We actually hate it. Mike works so much in January. It always sucks the life right out of him, which sucks the life out of me. This year it seemed to carry over into February and life was rough for a bit. He recently changed positions, which is what he has been wanting, and it will hopefully make it so January's aren't like this anymore, but he just had to help everything transition over this year. Crossing our fingers for next year.

But this is a fun way to start the year anyway. A snuggle from Kate always makes life good

Jack and his cousin Jared turned 9

we celebrate with my side

and Mikes side

and with friends.
For his friend party we had the boys over in the morning for swedish pancakes and then went to Lowe's Extreme air sports
(Jack, Charlie, Logan, Jace, Emery)

then came back and had pizza, opened presents

and had a donut
Happy Birthday Jack

Inbetween all the bday celebrating we played in the snow

ate cereal 17 times a day

Jack moved from wolves into bears

Kate loves this dog at Old Navy

 Ivan's been playing basketball. His team got to attend one of the high school games, go in the locker room before the game and listen to the coach's pep talk and be out on the court at the beginning of the game. It was kinda fun.
 And that's January

Sunday, December 30, 2018


Winter means cute kids bundled in snow clothes

The boys are doing great at skiing. Jack has gotten better and enjoying the actual skiing, not just the gatorade they get on the way up

Present exchange party at my house

Choir concert
(Jack right in the middle of the 2nd row)

tumbling performance

We spent a good chunk of time with neighbors fighting the new elementary school boundary change. The district wants to move us from the elementary school right outside our neighborhood, where the kids can easily and quickly walk to, to the one we used to go to, which is further away and on busier roads. Our neighborhood attended board meetings, filled out surveys, sat on street corners counting cars for a traffic study and on and on.... 
Instead of sitting on the corner counting cars I chose to tend someone's baby so that person could. The kids loved having a little baby around

School Christmas performance

Kate got a hankering for sleeping in a sleeping bag

Christmas Eve Eve at moms house

Christmas Eve at Aunt Ronda's 
kids gift exchange- no picture
teen gift exchange

adult gift exchange

Christmas morning 
The kids found a fun surprise in their stockings this year.... NOTHING!
Oh wait, there was one thing, a note from Santa encouraging them to work on a couple things so that he can fill their stockings next year.

Thank you Santa for all the fun gifts

Ivan's pile

Emerys' pile

Jacks Pile

Kate's pile

Christmas day at Sharons

Finally after Christmas was all over we decided to visit the sights. 
Grand America hotel display and temple square

New Years eve
Second year in a row 1/2 of us were sick. I stayed home with Jack and Emery. Mike took Ivan and Kate to his moms

Happy New Year