Sunday, November 26, 2017

Wrapping up November with a little stomach bug

I think we have the curse of the holiday or travel time bug. Seems as though we get sick on holidays or when we're planning to go to the cabin. About 1:00am Thanksgiving morning Mike heard Kate cry out. He went in and got her, brought her into me and she splattered throw up all over. So we rise and shine and wash sheets and put Kate in the tub, just in time for Emery to wake and throw up. We spent the next few hours washing and throw uping and bathing. So the girls and I stayed home from all the Thanksgiving fun.  Jack, Ivan and Mike played football with Conner and Kevin and Kevin's side of the family. They had a great time and Ivan really held his own with all the big people. They may have called him " little ninja."  I cleaned house, set up Christmas decorations and played kings in the corner.

We thought we were in the clear, but then 1:00 Saturday morning I woke up a puke'n. It's not fun as an adult is it. Then 1:00 this morning (Sunday) Ivan added to the party. Mike and Jack are the last two standing. Lets hope for the best for them!!

Other than that, November has been good. Our little/big Kate turned one.

My brother in law made this hat when emery was a baby

She is still the love of all of our lives. The kids don't tire of her. Ivan is constantly talking about how lucky we are and how cute she is. She is good at snuggling in with all the kids and giving them the loves they so desire. She can throw a nice tantrum. She says "mom" all day long, so the conversation at our house is, "mum," "What honey?" "mum" "What honey?" she also says hi, nana (banana), ack (jack), and dog. She needs to start walking cuz i'm tired of the crawling. She is a tease and at church she likes to hide behind chairs and then peek out and play peek a boo w people. She's nervous when I hold her up in the air or spin her around and she holds onto me really tight. She loves other little kids and when we are at the store she says, "hi, hi, hi" to any kid she sees.  She likes to pat dolls and snuggle stuffed animals. She like to rub my arm and she's playing less on her own and following me around the house with a  little begging whine which is super fun. 

We had a cupcake with Mikes mom

and one with my family

Mike also had a b-day this month. He says lots of things too. He says, "man the weekend went fast" a lot. He also says "yeah I just need to change my attitude about work and be more positive" a super duper lot. The poor guy don't like his job, but he just got a membership to the gym and goes before work and really enjoys it so that's good. 

Mike and Ivan got to use our neighbors BYU tickets. As if losing on TV isn't bad enough, they got to watch it live

And since life is always fair then Jack and Emery now have to have a one on one with him. 
Mike and Jack went swimming yesterday and I think Emery is also going to choose swimming. 

We got the Christmas lights up.
and I guess that's about it for November

Monday, November 13, 2017


We finished up football. They took 2nd in the Super Bowl

Grandma Young and Grandma Balle

Ivan's teacher came to one of his games. 

I didn't get a group soccer picture so this is one of the team at a summer tournament

Jack did awesome this fall

Grandparents day at school

always room in every month for snuggles with Kate

Parker got married. All the wedding festivites were just a delight. Steve and Jen were here from Idaho. Kristian and Malori were here from Oregon and it seemed like we got to have lots of fun, family time over a couple of days. 

Well I didn't take any pictures of the bride and groom, that was weird of me, but we did snap one of us and the kids while we waited at the temple.

Dawson and Brixton (and baby Soren) belong to Kristian and Malori (mikes nephew and wife) and our kids have SO MUCH fun playing with them. 

Kate, Grandma, Ivan, Jack, Dawson, Emery and Brixton

Kristian is the oldest grandchild (30) on Mike's side so here we have the oldest and the youngest cousin together

After the wedding Malori went to St George for a week to stay with her mom before heading home to Oregon. We decided to take a quick trip to let the kids spend a little more time together. This is Griffen the big white dog

Since we wouldn't be able to celebrate Halloween with them we got dressed up there (that's malori, not me)

 and trick or treated at grandma's bedroom door

fast, but  fun trip. 

We visited the South Jordan pumpkin patch

We had a fun Halloween dinner

carved pumpkins

 Ivan made a cool BYU one. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture Ivan 

School parade

Halloween night. See those cool webs I put up on the house? Man I was so fun this year!!

The kids got oodles of candy. I could see their teeth rotting and their insides shutting down slowly when I looked at how full Ivan's pillow case was. Butlers bought Charlie's candy off him so I asked the kids if they would be interested in that? They were. Yay? So Jack and Emery pretty much traded it all in. Ivan kept a few pieces and then they took their money to target and got a toy. They were actually way more excited about the toy. 

Now, lets get that Christmas shopping done shall we?