Saturday, September 30, 2017

Small case of the "I wants"

I'll tell ya what I want, what I really, really want.....

I wanna
A jute rug to go under my kitchen table
New appliances in the kitchen
A big deck out the back door with a slide the kids can slide off
A swing set
My boys not to stink
That nice curbing around the yard
Some nice winter boots
A trip with Mike to Nauvoo before my Aunt and Uncle return from their mission
A patio table
A gym membership for Mike
No one to ask me in the car how long till we're going to be there
(especially since we go to the same place and so they should already know)
To know how to sew really good
some bath and body body wash
and someone to do ALL my cooking


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kate LaVer at 6 months

Goodness this girl is going on 8 months. I can hardly remember the other kids as babies and that is so stinking sad. I try to take mental pictures of her everyday and think how can I forget how cute she is and all the fun baby things she does, but I know I will. So things we'll miss....
*the smell of the top of her head
*kissing her soft, chubby neck
*her little "ah, ah, ah" and "da, da, da" sounds
* the loud little squeal she lets out
*her little fat legs flopping around
*when she places her whole mouth over mine for some kisses
*sweet baby breath
*her little hand rubbing my neck and arms as she nurses
*her happy, happy disposition.  Its so easy to get a smile out of her
*how her face lights up when the other kids talk to her
* that little tongue always hanging out

Brain Break

Mike feels lucky to have the job he has, but I'm telling you, sometimes the stress level just about does him in.  Last week he decided to take a couple days off for a brain break, before his brain did break!! 

We thought about heading to the cabin, but then decided to save our packing energy and just stay around home. It turned into a great weekend. Friday night we got a sitter and went to dinner and roamed around Scheels. Cooks (some neighbor friends) said they were going to camp the weekend at Starvation Reservoir and invited us to come spend a day out on the lake, so we were decided whether  or not we should get a raft to take. We didn't. But we did get up Saturday (another last min decision) and headed out. 

It was nice, we just played around, grilled burgers, rode the wave runner and tube, played football and tried to fish a little. 

Sunday we did our Sunday thing. Church and Mike's moms for dinner. The kids slept at Sharons. We went back the next morning and took them to see Cars 3. Then Mike took the boys fishing at Payson Lake 

 and we went to redeem the pedicure we gave Sharon for Mothers day

Wish we had more free time darn it. But back to work he goes. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cabin with the Coles

Man I'm getting good at spontaneity! I've done 3 things in the last little bit after thinking them through for 5 seconds instead of 5 days. Candace and Shelley (cousins) called one Thursday and said they were going to the cabin and wanted me to join them. I did it. I packed up that night and we left the next morning. 

Oh the kids had such a great time. It's been a while since we've been there with our Cole cousins and it was nice for me because the kids were just off playing the whole time. That way I could do a whole lot of noth'n.

Jack's nose got it good when jumped off the swing

and dad planted his first shrub

There she is in all her glory. 
Sadly, tonight we are all praying for her survival as a wild fire spreads viciously around Panguitch Lake. It is roaring just over the hill to the North of the cabin. Everyone at the Lake has been told to evacuate. Pray that all my dads hard work makes it through!

Our neighbor emailed a bunch of the boys in the neighborhood to see if we wanted to form a baseball team and participate in this "Orem Night Lights" league. So we did. Lots of cute boys, unfortunately this was the WRONG league for our team! The first game was painful. The other team more than whooped our butts. I think we ended 30 to 0 and that was with the mercy rule of limited runs per inning.  Every game after was about the same. The kids loved it though. We'd get a good whooping, but at the end the kids were all happy and would run out on the field and practice sliding to home plate. 

Ivan moved up from a wolf to a bear

Emery had another great dance season with Mrs Aunt Jamie
Ivan's soccer team took 1st in their devision. They took 1st in two diff tournaments this past year and now in their regular soccer season. It's been fun while it's lasted, but they'll move up a seat and wins won't come as easy. Lets hope for a couple at least

and little Jackeroo is looking good on the soccer field. We are kinda sad cuz all the kids are splitting up and playing different ways next year.
and he got himself a couple home runs this season in coach pitch. He's really improving in both soccer and baseball. 

The boys have the cutest fans

Monday, June 19, 2017

Schools in and then its right back out again!

The boys have both had a great year with great teachers. Jack had Mrs Sroufe and Ivan had Mr. Mortenson 

Baby shower for Mrs Sroufe

Last day

Preschool graduation with friend and neighbor Mrs Kristi

School let out right before memorial. We couldn't quite muster up the strength to pack and go to the cabin. The boys both had games so we stayed home. Hilary (niece) called and said they were having a staycation in my mother in laws back yard so we joined them Sunday night.

Then Memorial day we drove down to Payson and Nephi for Sharon to put flowers on her parents and Lynn's parents graves.

Mom and I visited grandma and grandpa in Heber. Actually I can't even remember if this was before or after memorial day. 

I really don't have anything funny or entertaining to say about it all. I get boringer and boringer in my blogging.