Thursday, December 25, 2014

Which brings us to December. The end of another year!

 I've been so bad at blogging over the past year and it's making my posts so boring. I can't really give a great history, because I can't remember any details and my brain gets all confused as I try and sort out which pictures came from which year. And then the concept of time is tripping me out because things that seem so long ago aren't and things that seem like just yesterday where actually so long ago! Anyway- Here is the end of 2014.

Emery really started playing with one of the cabbage patch dolls I had as a kid. I've saved a lot of my dolls and doll clothes so I love that she is loving them. This guy is a guy, but we just put him in girl clothes and he magically becomes a girl

Kids singing at the ward Christmas party.
Both the boys don't love getting up with the primary kids for the program, or mothers day/fathers day singing or Christmas parties. Emery is only two and technically not in primary yet, but she got right up with everyone.

But Ivan was the only one to brave Santa.

We tried to get out of town with neighbors (Steadmans and Emerys) but about 30 minutes out Ivan threw up all over the place. Delicious. So we had to turn around and go home

Nielsen Family Christmas party talent show

A house close to us did a little polor express thing. They have this train and track that runs in their back yard so they invited people over to listen to elfs sing, ride the polor express and see santa. Pretty cute

Young Christmas Eve

And a Merry Christmas to all!

Our winter was very crazy this year. Very mild. 
Thank goodness we got some snow for Christmas

Christmas break- The museaum of natural history

 Sledding on the only other day is snowed

Then the very end of december we made ginger bread houses with our home teacher 

Friday, December 5, 2014

fall and winter sports

 Ivan had a great time doing flag football this year. His soccer and basketball teams are all kids from our neighborhood. Football was our first experience with folk outside our hood. 
Except for these two (Mathew and Brynlee)


Thursday, November 27, 2014


Big Daddy's Birthday. He got Master splinter…. because he is the master!

 and when you are 42 you don't have enough air left to blow out 6 candles. Good thing we have kids to help

Ivan's class

 Balle side this year