Friday, March 29, 2013

Parker Post

We love all our nieces and nephews the same. They are all so good to our kids, however I have to do a quick Parker post because I have a few pictures that must not go to waste....

At the baby's blessing a year ago I picked up my phone, turned it on and saw this!
ha ha ha ha ha,  I think I really did let out a little scream and threw my phone down. I couldn't leave it as my wallpaper though, for fear of someone seeing it and thinking I was a pervert. So I took it off..... until the next time I picked up my phone.... and saw this. I'm not sure which is worse, the no shirt or the harry armpit!

It totally looks like an 80's movie star poster or something

 Just random Parker pictures I discover on my phone every now and then.

 Except for these last two. We went in the other night and ate at Riley's
  (the old Malt Barn on Redwood rd. You should eat there it's really good) 
  We had to see the working man in action. Saving for a Mission, Right?

A great example to my boys

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cake Eaters

Happy Birthday Ivan and Miss Maybell
Mandy is our family cake maker, but she had surgery on her eyes this past week so I was left to my own devices on this one! I should have gotten a better picture because it turned out cute. Definitly not full of talent (a sheet cake with a few animals plopped on top), but it was a fun one.
Ivan is 5. I tell people, "I can't believe he is 5 already! yet I also can't believe my oldest child is only 5! 
Serve me up a lil of this face

You can call her Miss Maybell, we call her Miss Piggy! 
Honestly, this girl has to have something going in her mouth all the time. She has this loud, annoying squawk  in between bites of food, as if we are not shoveling it in fast enough. 
This first cupcake picture is strictly for that little fat hand and the way she's holding the cupcake so cute. Oh those are tiny little hands.

 You can't see their faces too good, but they are laughing at her eat her cupcake. It's nice when others get a kick out of your kids

The poor kids get like 6 birthday parties. Well really just 2, both sides of the family. So here is cake and cupcake round two with Mikes family

She just kept pointing off to the side where no one was and laughing. You've seen those paintings where there is an angel off to the side, the adults can't see, but the babies are pointing and laughing. I'm sure hoping her grandpa Balle and 2 sets of great grandparents where there to wish her a happy 1st birthday!

 That's a present, not another cupcake honey

 We sure appreciate our family, who take time to celebrate with us and get excited over our kids with us. There are still a few younger cousins on my side of the family for them to play with and I'm so glad. The cousins on Mikes side are all older, but they still play so good with our boys and I'm grateful to have those older cousins for my kids to look up to and learn from.

Happy Birthday to Ivan and Emery

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quality time with your son

It was nice enough to get the bikes out today. Ahhhh that felt good. So I offered a nice bike ride to the kids. 

Ivan pretends his bike is a motorcycle.  I'm not sure why, but that makes it so he has to wear the helmet strap across his mouth like so..... But scientifically, the strap doesn't stay over his mouth.... but we have to stop and fix it each time it leaves his mouth... but I just wanna ride the dang bikes and not stop every 3 inches. So who's in the right here?

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Whoever finds Maybell first wins a strip of our bathroom wallpaper, for their own bathroom

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Did you know toilet paper could be so stroft?

Lets just go back in time a few years  shall we?
Some how I inherited a big box of like 20 packages of this old toilet paper, I must have gotten it when my grandma passed away. It's been sitting in my basement for a couple years and thought I better bring it up and use it. I'm thinking we really don't get colored toilet paper anymore? I'll have to notice next time I go to the store 
Feel free to come by and test it out.... see if you think it's a stroft as they promise.
One of the packages is a proud sponser of the 1980 winter olympics!!
and if 99 cents at Grand Central isn't good enough, she got this one on sale for a grand total of 79 cents!
(for a 24 pack I'm guessing that would be about $6 compared to about $12 now)

Balle BYU Family. Cougs, you've got our support

I asked Ivan what we should title this post. That's what he came up with