Thursday, April 24, 2014


Easter is a good time of year. We are springing out of the deadness and darkness of winter. Flowers and colors are taking on new life. New lawn is ready to be mowed. New Easter dresses make us feel all new and fresh.  It all ties right in with the newness of life the Savior brings through the resurrection. I am most grateful for that. But, also grateful for this little darling. Just wanted one good picture Easter morning. Instead it turned into a fashion show of sorts. Anything but stand there and let me take a normal picture!

Don't worry, I think the boys are cute too

That darn camera- zooming in on her again…..
and again

and again
 And then we got to church and discovered these cuties and had to get yet ANOTHER picture. 
They actually had one more girl but she wouldn't get in the picture
 The Easter bunny got up early to hide candy and couldn't find any plastic eggs….. to put the candy in.  Well darn. So he hid a few single jelly beans and chocolate egg things and then has spent the rest of the week scarfing down the other bags of candy that didn't get used. 

 And before I know it I'll be blogging about next years Easter. It comes and goes WAY to quickly.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

"Ah look at that body……. I work out"

That's a song if you didn't know and are wondering.

I'm not a crazy work out mom who only eats salad, but I do try and work out a few times a week and it's brainwashing my little Emery. She loves to do her pushups and toes to bar. It is the cutest dang thing. We actually took a picture of me doing it as well, so I could put them side by side on the blog, but since I looked like a heavy beast about to pull the whole door frame down I decided to save myself the embarrassment.  She does a much cuter work out.

It's amazing how you think you will never forget things about your kids, but sure enough you do. I hate that I can hardly remember Ivan as a baby. I try to cherish every little thing, but I think I'm gonna have to record more so I don' forget.

Emery, you like to twirl when you put a dress on and your tongue is usually hanging out when you do so it's not quite as graceful as you might feel it is

You've had eczema pretty bad. This picture is in it's clearing up stage. When we put your lotion stuff on you say, "it's steen'n (stinging) tate it off"

You are very capable. A couple months ago when you were in the tub you told me you had to potty and actually did when I got you out to go. Then Aunt Lisa got you some undies for your bday and so I thought I'd see how you'd do. We had our fair share of accidents. I didn't push it. But the last week or so you've been telling me every now and then and actually make it to the potty. Thank you! Then when you do go you say, "tamere (come here) and see poo poo my potty."

You use, "my" instead of "I" and when you toot you call it, "toot it" so you say, "my toot it." Once you accused me of it when it was actually a belly rumble so I told you it was my belly. Now you say, "mommy's belly toot it." And other things like, "my hode (hold) it" or "my see it" or "my do it."

You love to play hide and seek.

You're the only child who attached to a blanket. You suck your thumb but only when I put you to bed. Your bedtime routine is so cute. We go in, you have to shut the door, "my shut it," then you get down on hands and knee's and crawl over to me like a kitty. You've learned the art of stalling so now you have to move anything on the floor out of your way, "move this." So about 6 yrs later you make it to me. We sit in front of the crib read a book and then nurse. I know she's two. But if you don't know, the new recommendation is nurse till their two, so we are right on schedule :). So we nurse. Then you say, "other side nursey." We nurse other side. Then I put you in bed. You say, "witch it mom" even though the eczema is cleared it's part of the ritual now. Then you say, where my whammy (lamb)?" I hand it to you and you say, "oh hi whammy." then you plug in the thumb and go to sleep. 

 My favorite thing to do with all my kids is snuggle, sleep, nurse, whatever. I hate wasting time, but I could waste the whole day away snuggling with my kids

You follow me around, "read a book mom, read a book"
You call pony tails "pinky tails"
You are good at going to other people. You love your uncle Mawk (mark) and also your aunt Jamie. You also love going to grandma's house. When dad leaves for work and Ivan leaves for school you pucker up and say, "tiss and hug" and they get their love before they go. You are so fun and silly.