Friday, June 24, 2016

The first born

Bryce Steven McCleary, our family's first born has grown up way too fast and is graduating from High School. What? He's a handsome fellow, more than super smart, great on the guitar, computer genius, comic con guy and an all around nice kid. We can't believe it. 

Love you Bryce

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jack Penorie

My parents used to tell us this; "I'll tell you a story about Jack Penorie, now my story's begun. I'll tell you another about his brother, now my story is done."

I feel about that way with school. It begins and then all the sudden it's done. I've said, in previous years, how much I enjoy their year, teacher, class, etc. This year was fun having my little Jack in kindergarten and my big ivan in 2nd grade and we loved our new school this year. Go River Rock Bobcats.

Snapped this one day walking by his room. Sorry I didn't get one of you Ivan.

Dance festival last week of school

 You have to zoom in to see Ivan

 Last day, little class program

The bell has rung and we are done

Walking home
2nd annual "sleep in the van the last night of school." It's almost like camping. We actually pull it out of the garage and onto the side of the house. Just me and the boys.

Oh and Emery did school too.

The last day was actually bad luck. I rode my bike over to the school to pick up Jack and someone had stolen his bike. I'm fuming still!! Mostly at myself, because I lock it up every time, except this time. Then he had a note on his shirt with the name of his teacher for next year and he got the one teacher in the whole school I didn't want him to get. Ug. 

But I guess it's ok, because that weekend we left for San Diego and had a very nice little trip

Our hotel room. 
We booked it based on these great pictures on the internet. When we got there, we were a tad disappointed. It was kinda dirty and run down. But we stuck it out and it ended up being a fun place to stay.

Sunday we ate, just hung out and swam for a bit while Mike went and got us some groceries

looked at the seals at the resort 

and then walked along the beach.

San Diego Zoo Monday

Beach Tuesday

 Lego Land Wednesday. Our friends (Despains) were in Newport beach the same time so we met at legoland and had such a fun day with them.

Jack and Logan are the funnest little buddies

Ivan and Sadie are in the same class next year

Each night we walked down to the beach for ice cream.

And goodbye San Diego. It was such a great little trip, mainly because the kids were all so good and appreciative. Jack was good at looking at the positive side of things when they seemed to be going wrong. There was one night we got done with dinner late and felt like it was too late to walk to the beach for ice cream so we thought we'd check the gift shop to see if they had popsicles. They didn't. We went into the hotel restaurant, but the ice cream was kind of a hassle so we decided to go back to the gift shop for a diff treat and it had just closed. We noticed some vending machines, but you had to have the exact change. We went to the front office and got change and then it wouldn't take our dollar bills. OH MY GOSH! but we were hero's and got glad instead of mad. Even thought we all wanted to throw ourselves on the floor in a tantrum. 

 Flew home thur and then Friday morning I went with some friends to Logan for the "Little Red" bike ride. We only did 35 miles again this year. It's gonna be great when we actually do 50.

Monday we left to the cabin for 3 days.

Then left for Idaho to welcome Justin home from his mission

Now we have a break and can finally feel the freedom of school being out.