Monday, February 1, 2016


When I was young our TV was a small, fat box that sat on this cart looking thing. It had two knobs; one to change the channel and I believe the other was to fidget with the color? What did we have, like 5 channels to choose from? Can you believe we had to get up and walk over to the TV and turn the knob if we wanted to see what else was on? We have home video of Nielsen sitting on the edge of the fireplace, staring at the TV then every minute or so reaching up to change it. I can remember when we got a remote control. I think I thought that made us rich. Now we just pretty much carry the TV around with us. We have one actual TV in the house (in our room), but we mainly just watch the laptop. 

It's 2016 and currently I am watching, "Call the Midwife" 

 every spare second I get. I love shows like this. They represent everything I'm not. I would love to have a tiny waste, an elegant hat and some manners. I dream of having proper conversations and finding pleasure in very simple things. Mike's not watching this one with me. He'll do, "Downton Abby" 

together, but I don't want to push him over the edge. At night after the kids go to bed we've been watching, "Making a Murder"

and "WWII in Color." We also started, "Turn,"


and "Granchester"
a while ago. Just waiting for the next season. 

Although, I must say, "Call the Midwife" has been a breath of fresh air from all the killing and cruelty in most other shows. As I watch it I find myself waiting for some big dishonest, sexual, killing scene. Nope, everyone is kind and helpful and looking out for the best interest of others. Something we see so little of these days. AND speaking of sexual-"Dancing with the Stars is still a favorite!"

There you have it great grandchildren. This is what we are watching now.