Saturday, August 13, 2016


Two years later and we are headed back to Yellowtone.

First night- Jackson Hole. We enjoyed the bar J. 

Next day- hotel swimming

travel to yellowstone


pulled into our lodging and saw this guy
Then the rest of the trip is spent driving around and looking for animals and looking at the pretty scenery


throwing rocks in the water

fishing bridge- can't fish there

Old faithful
lake tour

backed up traffic- look close
Down the stairs to the waterfall
artist point

Back up the stairs from the waterfall

Mike caught me playing solitaire
Our cabin room

Waterfall from a different hike and angle

There must be a lot of Asian travelers to warrant this sign in all the bathrooms
Back to Jackson hole

On the ride home, some sweet little hands giving me a massage

our license plate maps. We saw all 50 states this year. Yes, Alaska and Hawaii