Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Birth of Balle baby number 4

After I had the baby I had all sorts of feelings and felt like I had so much to say about it all,  but when I sit down to spill it out I can't really remember what I had to say....

Run down
- I feel like we should have named her Paul Anka in honor of the countless hours I spent watching 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls towards the end of the pregnancy. To be honest, it was an awesome time. I got two blasted UTI's back to back around September. I was soooo tired I couldn't believe it.  I could hardly get around the house and it was the first time in probably my whole life that I HAD to take a nap every day. SO I watched me some Gilmore Girls.  Kept on watching till baby was born and then finished up mid December. So now when I think back on "the time we had the baby" I feel all Gilmore Girlish. Or maybe it's the other way around. When I think of Gilmore girls it takes me back to the last of my pregnancy.

- When I had Ivan I went into labor on my own. They induced me with both Jack and Emery. This pregnancy I wanted two things; to not be induced and to go quick enough that I could do it unmedicated. I caved to the induction part. I just wasn't progressing like I thought I would and I was ready to be done. Due the 15th. Induction set for the 10th.

Night before

- We arrived at the hospital about 7:30. About 8:30 they started the pitocin. I started feeling the labor pains. 9:45 they broke my water. Pains started REALLY picking up. We figured I'd work through them as along as I could. They started getting really good and when I couldn't do it anymore I told the nurse I wanted to change my mind about the epidural. She checked me and said, "nope, I think we can have this baby right now." She called the doctor. Doctor came down pretty quick. We pushed some awful 4 or 5 pushes and baby came at 10:50. A few phrases I remember are, "momma help me,"  "Shhhhhit." " I can't do it" and "I think my butt is going to explode." Luckily it didn't.

-We went back and forth with names. When we left the hospital Sunday we put down Dani LaVer Balle. When we got home we called the hospital to see if they still had our paper work. They did, pulled it out and gave us till wed to change our mind. Wed we called and changed it to Kate Laver Balle.
"Big Kate's"- welcome for  "little Kate" 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Is it really almost DECEMBER!?!?

Ok, school just started right? How is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas then? Golly. I guess I'll sit and blog to the enjoyable sound of Ivan and friends down stairs banging that dang ball repeatedly against the wall. Cuz since the baby was born I'm trying to hang on to the sweet emotions and pure joy I've been feeling. So I refuse to let that sound anger me.....

Well, like I said, school started. Emery is a poser. I was taking pictures of her every day she went to school and she always has to hit a dance pose.

We enjoyed another season of flag football for Ivan and soccer for both boys. Raiders took 2nd in the "super bowl." We love coach Fern

We had halloween

 Ivan  was going to be storm trooper until Nielsen bought Cole a skeleton outfit that was too small so he had to get him a bigger size and gave us the smaller size. Then he wanted to be that instead.

 The front office 

 My moms
 Mike's moms
 Annual neighbor friend picture

I was pregnant
(I know, it's inappropriate)
 I had to post this one so we could remember these awesome pajama's I wore, that Mike could not wait to get rid of. It was actually a dress I ordered and it was horrid and quickly turned into pajama's. Ugly, but comfy. 

Mike and Ivan went fishing over winter break and Ivan insisted we eat the fish. He couldn't quit talking about that fish. It was in the freezer for a couple days and he'd get it out periodically and say how exciting it was we had the fish in the freezer. 

I suffered through 2 bladder infections back to back that sucked all my energy and kept me on the pot. 

Jack started Jr Jazz. Ivan started Futsal (indoor soccer). Emery has been doing dance.

I had the baby and it went just how I was hoping it would. We are all in love with her.

Mykel, my niece delivered her own baby, in the car, at the gas station, a week after our baby

Now we are waiting for my cousin Shelley and my other niece Hillary who are due in a couple weeks.

Mike had a birthday. 
We  had thanksgiving with Mikes family on his bday (20th). 
"kid table"

Thanksgiving day Mike, his mom and the two boys went to St George for a soccer tournament. They had a nice little trip and Emery and I had Thanksgiving at Aunt Ronda's and a nice little girls weekend at home. 

I got all my Christmas shopping done before the baby came so now we will just sit back and enjoy the holidays!!