Thursday, August 27, 2015

School is again in session

Didn't I just post the kids getting out of school? 
Geez, here we are now going BACK to school. 
Ivan is in 2nd grade. He, Micah and Charlie all go to different schools, but maybe it will be a good thing and they'll be more excited to see each other after school .

They just built a brand new elementary. We really loved Northpoint the last two years, but I'm excited for the new school. On the first day all the kids got to sign a rock from the landscaping in front of the school

Then the parents lined the halls and cheered for the kids as they entered and walked to their room. Ivan has Mrs. Smith (our bishops wife)
 The school is literally just outside our neighborhood, however they are doing  this annoying construction on the road and so they have to bus our kids. I was excited for biking, but won't complain cuz the bus is AWESOME!

Then following week Jack started Kindergarten. He has been soooo excited

 He wanted to strike a pose. This was his pose

 His rock

 After I dropped him off I snuck a shot in Ivans class

Took him the first day and told him I would pick him up. When I got there to pick him up he was ready to get on the bus and seemed excited about it.

But then when he got off the bus driver must have asked him to wait at the top of the stairs for someone or something because it threw him off. When he got off he came straight at me, threw his arms around my waist and wouldn't let go. Then didn't want to ride the bus anymore
So I drove him all the next week. Now he is doing fine going both ways. He's my Kute Kindergartner

And Emery is doing a little neighborhood, preschool rotation like I did with Ivan. Four little ones, we do it once a week and just rotate through our 4 houses.  She loves it

This is really her 2nd day of school

I'm not sure which is cuter? Her or her back pack?