Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What if?

What if EVERYONE put up Christmas lights?
Think of how magical that would be to drive around during the holidays. An amazing sight for sure.

What if you didn't just buy yourself or your kids things throughout the year and we only got things on Christmas and birthdays?
Think of how rewarding gift giving would be. Everyone would be so appreciative of their gifts, because they have been waiting for so long to get it. Your kids would probably take better care of and appreciate their toys more if they didn't get new ones all the time. You've heard the expression, "I don't know what to get him, because when he wants something he just goes and gets it." What if you didn't do that?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

When the going gets tough, the tough go to....

There are 3 places Mike suggests I go when I need a break. Often times (I mean, on rare occasion) when he comes home from work and I'm a tad Ornery he so kindly suggests, "Hey, after dinner why don't you run to Ross." He likes to be with me after I've come home from one of these 3 places. He seems to think I come home happier.
1. Zumba - I've jumped on the Zumba bandwagon and I am really enjoying the ride. It's so fun. I just go one night a week, cuz even though I know it's good to exercise during pregnancy I still can't help but think I might give that little one brain damage bouncing around like that too much. I do love it though.
2. The Doctors- My doctor makes me AND the baby feel like a champ each time I have my checkup. I know that is part of his job, but I still suck it right in. Why wouldn't I come home happy!
3. Ross- need I say more? Who doesn't like a good deal and a new article of clothing?

At least he doesn't tell me to go to hell right!?!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy ___th Birthday Mike

To celebrate we had 3 funerals in a 7 day period. I guess that's what we have to look forward to as we get older. People we know and love are dying. The reality of mortality. The dads of two of Mikes childhood friends passed away, which sometimes is like your own family passing. When you've known someone since kindergarten they are just like family. I like it when they get together, even if it is for a funeral or two.
 Mike, Tyler, Jason and Darrin

Then Mike had a birthday. I almost forgot about it. There were so many things going on, that was one of them, but as time marched on and it got closer I forgot about it. Mike had to remind me in a casual way. We go out to dinner with our home teachers every now and then and it ended up that we were going with them the night before his bday so I had my sis make him one of her great cakes and I surprised him with it after we ate. Happy Birthday my dearest of dears.

Friday, December 2, 2011

No Pets Allowed

We aren't really pet people, however I'll take a dozen of these