Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Date

Jack and Jacey had their first date Saturday night.  
We decided they'd better have chaperones so we went with them. He's all decked out in his church shoes :) little stud 

Lucky Jack has his pick of a slew of women. Will it be Jacey? Lucy? Silene? the kid pretty much plays with nothing but girls. His favorite movie is Tinkerbell.  Therefore, we've also started a play group with Linkin and Charlie (different than Ivan's charlie). Hopefully that will balance him out. The girls can show him how to be comfortable around girls and the boys can remind him what it's like to be a boy.

Friday, September 13, 2013

LIttle people

I'm just amazed everyday at what these little bodies and people are capable of. 
We are really enjoying our baby girl right now. She is so full of it! For a while there she would plug her nose and say P.U. when I would lay her down to change her diaper. Now she'll do it when I go in to get her out of the crib if she's messy. She looks at me and says, "P. U" and lifts her shirt like she's going to look down her diaper. She keeps right up with the boys and all their antics. She loves to sing and dance and when I sing to her at night she always says, "more, more" She likes to come up to your leg and scratch at it and make a growl or a meow sound. It's something simple, but so dang cute. She'll vroom all the cars around the floor and she's started to play more in her kitchen.

The difference between the boys and the girls. 
She give the animal loves and he gives the animal shots
 and then of course he's got to give Maybell one too
 She definitly gets into things more than the boys did. She is just this little, big girl

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

School Boys

Our Ivanhoe is off to Kindergarten. 
He's not really in love with it,  but he's sure been big about it. 
First morning

He's getting so big, but still says thingers for fingers and turch for church. I'm glad. 
We love riding our bikes to school in the morning and I love looking through his back pack after school, it makes me feel like our life is getting more important or something :)

He and Charlie spent the first few days getting together right after school to do their "homework."And then the novelty of that wore off quick.

Our little Jack is starting too.  He's lucky and gets to watch Ivan pave the way and so, opposite of Ivan, he is super excited about it..... about life, about hand-me-down clothes, about play dates, about most things. I keep asking him if he's sure he wants to go to school, kinda hoping he says no, but it's an excited yes every time. He's so fun. So have fun.
Jack and Lucy

Friday, September 6, 2013

Cabin time

We were able to make a few trips to the cabin this summer. 
One of my fav's is intruding on my cousin Candace's week and spending time with cousins and their kids. 
Then we were able to go a couple times with my family. You don't see Mike in our pictures because with my dad building a cabin he likes to go help when he can and has to do it around his work schedule
My very hard working 70yr old dad. I wish everyone could appreciate how hard he is working and how talented he is. The cabin is going to be beautiful
We sure love the Cabin and are grateful to Grandpa Woody and Grandma Veda for what they have given us all!