Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Betrothed? Imprinted? Whichever....
 I think Charlie and Maybell are holding out for each other! 

That Charlie has a little thing for her. He just loves her and is so cute with her. Sometimes when Ivan, Charlie and Micah are playing Charlie will get distracted by our pretty little thing and end up playing with her instead. He's protective, helpful and playful with her.

 And she loves her Ollie! Whenever someone knocks at the door she gets all excited and says, "Ollie!" When we pick up the boys from school and Charlie comes out she starts pointing and yelling, "Ollie, Ollie." 
It's pretty darn sweet I must say

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blog? Facebook? Blog? Facebook?

I like em both. I'm glad I joined fb. It's been fun to see what's going on in the world. But I've noticed I'm less likely to blog now. I can't let that happen. 

Anyway- today was Ivans last soccer game until spring. 
I wish everyone could see how excited he is about playing any sort of sport. He gets so giddy. He's started basketball too and  talks about it ALL the time. This morning I asked him which he would rather do, play in a game or wake up to Christmas morning. To my surprise he chose Christmas. I thought for sure it would be play a sports game. It's funny though, because you wouldn't guess that when you see him playing. He is very controlled in his excitement :) He listens VERY well to what he's told. He's definitely not there to mess around.

I just love to watch these little boys play and I love to see these grown men coaching such little guys. They are so good with them. 

And Miss Maybell will hardly let us sit and watch a game. She's all over the place. We just aren't used to that. Even after 2 kids before her. She's got more energy then both of them combined. She loves a ball and is so cute!

Jack on the other hand, he had his "last game" a while ago. In fact it was about his 2nd game that became his last.  He really likes the idea of soccer and when he first started he would always say, "I'm your new soccer boy huh?" However, he just wouldn't play in his games. He really likes his coach and he likes practice, but he always had some excuse for his game. He didn't like having another team out there on the field or he didn't like having a sub coach or he didn't like the spider man face paint on a kid on the other team. So we didn't really play in any games. Maybe in the spring. He is only 3 after all. 

He does like other things though..... he and I had a little date night at classic skating. He loved it

And he loves his little friend Charlie. Yes, he and Ivan both have a Charlie (or ollie- as maybell calls them). They play so good together. Jack always refers to him as, "my friend Charlie" even when he's over....., "friend charlie, come down stairs."
They are cute little boys

After Ivan's last soccer  game this morn, we headed to his first basketball game. He kinda looks like a little polygamist boy out there doesn't he? No offense to all the polygamists reading our blog.
is it the hair?
I wish my little guy could really appreciate how good he has it. There are 18 little boys in our neighborhood his age. 8 of them are on his soccer team and for basketball we had to split up the group into two diff teams. Their first game today they played each other. There's Ivan guarding his friend Brennen
and you can't see to good, but here he makes a basket. Man they were all so fun to watch

And in other news, here we are before the ward Halloween party last night. Just thought I would throw it in while I'm at it.  Maybell is a cowgirl if you can't tell

The end

Friday, October 4, 2013

Helping Hands

A couple weeks ago for FHE we talked about how I only have two hands to do all the work in the house, but if we put all our hands together thats 10 hands and it makes the work a lot easier. You all know how spiritual Maybell is. I guess she's the only one who listened

 She actually is a very good direction follower. When I tell her to go put something away she does it. This morn I was empty'n the dish washer and gave her a stack of cups and told her to put them in the cupboard. She did as she was told. So then I let her help put the silverware away. Just earn'n her keep!