Thursday, April 27, 2017

Kate, Jude and McKay

Watch us grow

My niece Mykels little guy, born one week after Kate

My other niece Hillary's little guy, born one month after Kate
(on my bday. All 3 born on a thur)

Kate LaVer Balle, Jude Blaine LeCheminant and Mckay Kevin Peterson

and we are anxious to add another boy Balle in June

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Random acts of Kateness

 she pulls the blanket up to her face when she sleeps. Sometimes I go in and move it down

 but she pulls it right back up

kinda scary, right? 
But aren't those legs poking out delicious.

 I was watching a show on my phone and fell asleep and dropped the phone, but my hand was still kinda up. Mike took a picture cuz looks like Kate was doing the same thing

 Out for Indian food-first time in a high chair

helping me cook dinner.
You are a happy, happy girl. Your tongue seems to always be hanging out the side of your mouth. You have a fun high pitched squill when you are excited. We have staring contests a lot. You love to watch everyone around you and you make that zerbert (sp) noise out of your mouth a lot. I can not quit kissing your fat cheeks and snuggling your little butt!! I love waking up next to your little body. When you wake up you are all smiles and it is so dang cute. I love to change your clothes and have your little fat legs flop out when I undress you. We love you so much

Nine and Five

Ivan, Ivan, Ivan are you really 9? 
This is a good year for you. You seem to have really grown into yourself and seem more comfortable in your skin. I don't mean literally, because you still seem to have issues with how clothes feel and fit. I can probably count on one hand the times you've worn regular "hard" pants in the past 9 years. It's only soft shorts for you my friend. That's ok, I have really grown too and have come to terms with it. If you didn't play so hard and get so sweaty and stinky I would let you wear the same thing everyday like you want to.
You are doing awesome in school and you love your teacher (Mr Mortenson).  Last year we had an "off to school you go" ritual. When I dropped you off you leaned over for a kiss, hug and then knuckles. When you got out you would walk a few steps and then turn around and blow me a kiss. EVERYTIME. Without fail. We don't do that this year. Kind of a bummer. However in exchange for that we are having better mornings. Seems like maybe that ritual was because I sent you off crying more last year, after arguing over the fact that it's not my fault you have to go to school. We've had very few arguments this year so we must not need the ritual.
You love a bowl of cereal before bed. You still ask every night if you can sleep in our bed.You are awesome with baby Kate. You are constantly saying how cute she is. She'll be so smart after listening to her big brother read to her.

 You are still pretty much all sports, play and no business! Anything that interferes with "play" is greeted with resistance. A common question you ask is, "how much time will I have left to play." Unfortunately you're life is filling up with other things, but trust me, you still have plenty of play time. You are lucky to have sooo many friends in your neighborhood, but your bestest friends are still  Micah and Charlie. Also Sawyer and Will (from school). We are in scouts together and I enjoy that. You finished up basketball this winter now soccer and baseball are going on.

You got a ski day this winter and did AWESOME. Hope you can get one more in. We'll see. 

face swap

I'm so sorry, but you take after your mom in a lot of ways.

Happy birthday to you and Emery this month

Emery girl- you are growing up too, too fast. Kindergarten next year? What, what? 
You are a pretty articulate little gal, better than yo mamma. Your creative side has really come out this year with play dough creations, painting, drawing, baking and other wild concoctions.  You're good at trying new foods. You're the only child who knows how to clean your room. You are always filling purses to the brim and making piles of things or "organizing" things.  

 Everytime we go someplace you have to collect of bunch of random things that drive me nuts, clutter the van and make for extra clean up from wherever we are headed.

 Dad's good to play house with you and you're play name is usually Ballerina Princess Pink Rose. You started tumbling and have great cartwheels and back bends. You are still loving dance class.

You can't keep your hands off Kate and in order to keep things positive, I won't tell you what it does to my blood pressure. 

No, it's cute most the time. For the first while after baby came you would tell her, "you know those nursies used to be mine." or when you would hold her you would say, "are you looking for nursies?" You would also pat her and say, "there's no worries to cry."
 You go through spells where you like to sleep all over the place, in the crib, in the boys room on the floor, on the couch, under your bed. You are a lot better than the boys at going to bed on your own. You like to get the skin under my arm and pinch it. I don't know if I've documented that in a previous post but it is still going on and I HATE IT and you say, "I just love your pinchy arms."