Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Family Foto's for 2015

My mom says when we were young they just pulled our Sunday best out of the closet and had family pictures. No outfit coordination, no fun spots or poses. Just sit in the studio and smile. I do remember that. My practical side tells me to do that. Sure does take away a lot of stressful choices. I guess it wouldn't be so stressful to do cute things if it came natural. But it doesn't. I like a lot of different things and styles and I'm very indecisive yet particular, so I look around for days and think around for days.

However, I must be referring to two years ago when we did pictures. This year actually wasn't that bad. I just picked the cutest shirt in my closet and went with that…..

Here we are…… all 87 pictures of us

This one was my idea haha, it's too bad it's so shady. I think it's kinda cute

 notice ivans lips in this one

This cry is after the tumble