Friday, October 21, 2016

Class is now in session 2016-2017

Back to school boys! Jack has Mrs Sroufe for 1st grade and Ivan has Mr Mortenson for 3rd grade

Charlie, Micah and Ivan

Lucy and Jack

On the first day parents line the halls and clap as the kids come in

 Emery has our neighbor and favorite Mrs Kristi for preschool. There are so many horrible things to say about that picture and how that cute little girls poor mother looks. I will refrain.

It's now October and I'm posting these pictures. School is going so good so far. Jack is so fun to have in school because he tells me so much about it. Ivan feel so big this year. I really, really like his teacher.  We just had parent teacher conf and both boys are doing awesome. My two favorite things about being a mom are laying in bed with all my kids and being involved in school. I just love everything about it. Oh and Emery loves going to preschool.