Sunday, December 15, 2013

Giving Thanks

Life is just up and down.
It feels pretty up right now. 
Well not "now" as in this very moment, cuz Mike and I just had a little tiff, if you can believe it, so he is sulking in bed and i'm sulking on the couch….. blogging. 

But over all, we are happy and life is good. Well, actually it seems like we've all been sick non-stop since Halloween, but gosh, who's keeping track? And what am I doing focusing on that now, I was just about to blog about how I feel like there is so much to give thanks for, so I better keep it at that. :)

Especially grateful for my one little…..
two little
three little Indians.

We had a great thanksgiving this year. We had our own turkey bowl, in the back yard. I think everyone won the game so that was good.

My Aunt and Uncle are too nice and host everyone each year. This year we ate up in their barn. It's been a long while since we've been out in the barn. It felt good.

It's was just so nice to be with all my family

and Karaoke. Something we've not done before on Thanksgiving.
Maybell wouldn't go to anyone that night. Until the end, when uncle Nielsen reached for her and she went right to him. She can sense what a great guy he is.

The famous "cups" song that all young girls have to learn and perform

Then we finished off the night with Mikes family, pie and games.
Now we are getting ready to say goodbye to 2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Mike and I talk all the time about going to Arizona for a visit. We just can't seem to make it happen. Either we'd have to spend our life savings on airfare or we die from the chaos of driving 10 hours with small children. So instead,  I was kind enough to volunteer myself for the trip. 

My cousin and his wife happened to be in a "Lamb of God" musical fireside and since they both sing amazing it gave me the extra reason to go. That and I love my cousin Candace too.

First I thought I'd go and take Maybell, but quickly came to my senses. What kind of vacation is that? But I felt like I wanted a little piece of home with me so I took Ivan. My cousin Shelley has boys his age and they love playing together. They actually made the trip to Utah the week before I left for AZ. So here they all are at my moms house

and then a week later we headed out to see them. It was a great trip. We tried to save a few dollars by flying out of provo's tiny airport. I didn't realize just how tiny it was and so I made sure we were there a good 2 hours early. Since you basically walk into a one room building, we were PLENTY early.
so we played cards for 2 hours

Then walked back out of the building and onto the plane
 Candace picked us up and we got to meet my friend Jaime for dinner
then stopped for my favorite treat- Bahama Mama Rama

 Ivan didn't last long
 It was fun to have my little Ivan with me. We don't get a ton of one on one time and it was good for both of us. 

There is this gully thing next to my aunts that you have to walk through to get to a park we were going to play at. He was in heaven in the gully. He kept saying he couldn't believe we were in the desert. Like that specific gully was "thee desert." He just wanted to walk through and watch for lizards and rabbits.

 finally we made our way to the park
 we enjoyed the sunshine.

we enjoyed dinner out with Candace.

we enjoyed the musical. 

We enjoyed family time.

and Ivan enjoyed being with his cousins again
it was a quicky but goody

and here's my other two love bugs watching the plane come in. It's so fun to greet kids after being away. I sure did miss them.