Friday, January 29, 2016


Emerys first official Ballet.

She was bubbles

 (Neighbor friends - Rose, Emery & Charlotte)

and a pumkin

My mom came friday night and I didn't get a picture (sorry mom) and mikes mom came saturday night

Picture taken by Ivan 

It was really a great little ballet. They were darling little bubbles, dancing around cinderella as she scrubbed the floor and then pumpkins during the carriage scene. BUT she says she doesn't want to take anymore. I guess I won't force her since she is only 3. We'll try again next year. 

Jack my boy is 6 yo!

Happy, Happy Birthday to Jack My dear!

I'm gonna have to find a way to have one or two less celebrations for these kids.

Jack and Jared celebrate together usually the Sunday before the birth date

We did lunch on his actual birthday and went and picked out his bday cereal

And then after school we invited Logan over for bday cereal and a donut. A couple other friends ended up coming to play just at the right time. It's a good thing we bought 2 boxes. After everyone went home we let logan stay, in leu of a friend party, and eat dinner with us. Then we had a bday donut

The next Sunday we celebrated with Mikes side of the family

All about Jack- we still love this boy so much. His skin is so soft and his smile is so sweet. He is a big kindergartner and doing so good. He's not afraid to sing a long with me in the car. One of his favorites is "coward of the county" by Kenny Rogers. 

He has to have his shoes tied very tightly. I have to tie them while he's standing and then he lifts his heels up and down a couple times to see if there is any slip and then gives me the thumbs up or down. It's about to send me to the loony bin. He also has to flap his elbows out and in to make sure his shirt doesn't cut his arm pits. It takes a lot to get him to wear anything other than his red shirt and red soft shorts OR his blue shirt and blue soft shorts. 

He still loves power rangers and video games. He also likes to write little notes and waste, I mean, use all our envelopes to put the notes in. He thinks he should be able to eat potato chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh and snack time. He loves chocolate pediasure and wants one every morning while he watches a show. Too bad we can't afford that.

One day I was talking about what the boys were good at. He said, "I'm good at soccer aaaaand friendship." It's true, he is a very good friend

I could go on and on and on