Saturday, December 31, 2016


Christmas was sure nice this year. 

*We got our new ornament for 2017
(Jack angry bird, Ivan fish, Emery ballerina)

*Christmas Recital time

*Kate started smiling

*I had a birthday
*We blessed Kate on my birthday

*Santa Clause breakfast at Malori's

*Tried to take a picture for a Christmas card

*We were lucky to have the real Santa pay us a visit
 It was so fun. We were just getting ready to head out the door to a Christmas play with my family and all the sudden the front door opened and we heard a warm, "Ho, Ho, Ho." In came Santa Clause. He knew all the kids names and spent a second with each one looking through his "naughty and nice" book. He told Ivan he was so proud of him for being a nice, honest person and good friend, but reminded him to work on how much he complains about things. He asked him if there was anything else we needed to talk about and Emery blurted out, "yeah, he doesn't wipe his own butt!" Ivan turned beat red and said, "yes I do." and Emery replied, "no you don't, mom and dad do it."  

Then he talked to Jack about how good he does at schoo,l but then asked him if he stole $2 out of his sisters wallet. Jack started to shake his head no, but then his shoulders dropped and he changed it to a nod for yes. Ha ha it was pretty funny. 

Then he asked miss Emery to work on that high pitched yell she has and thanked her for being so good at cleaning her room.

And this little gal can do no wrong!

Ivan got to hold the reindeer bells. His book was written in "elfish" and he had this cool watch that could detect if you were naughty or nice. Lucky kids. 

*Family party at aunt Ronda's

*Christmas Eve at moms

*Christmas day

*Christmas day at Mike's moms
Jack, Emery and 2nd cousin Dawson got PJ Mask costumes. They love playing PJ Mask. My kids are the tail end of the family. The next cousin older is almost 16. I'm glad we have 2nd cousins to play with

Ivan and Brett. 
The older boys are good to play with Ivan. These two love to play football. Next year this time Brett will be on his mission which makes us happy/sad. 

Conner and Jack

*got to see cousin Candace when she came to help Shelley with the new baby

 *and we welcomed the new year. Emery and Jack didn't quite make it to midnight

Happy New Year

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Babies all around the town

We have married nieces and nephews. Crazy. 
One nephew and his wife have two kids but there are 3 other who are married who haven't had kids. When we made our decision to have this last one I felt a little out of place, like our time was over and it was the nieces and nephews time, yet here I was making it my time. I knew a couple of them had been trying with no luck and so when I got pregnant I felt like I needed to apologize. I sent them a text to tell them and say sorry. They all seemed very excited for us and then a couple months laters I found out two of them were also pregnant and due the same time. Yay, so fun. 

Here I am with my gal pals who are 11+ years younger than I!

First we got to meet Jude (born a week after Kate)

Then we got to meet McKay (born a month after Kate)

together on Christmas

Then my cousin Shelley had little Anika 

Kate and Jude again. Attending McKays blessing

and last but not least......
Kate and her doll friend
One more niece due in June. Can't wait.