Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just one thing I wanna say about Valentines this year

One of Ivan's strength's is that he is very thoughtful or perceptive or something along those lines, for a 5 yr old. He's very aware of our feelings and he is very aware of things around him.

Well for his class valentines this year we cut up little slips of paper and he wrote their name on one side and then drew a picture on the other. The pictures were very specific things he's noticed about his classmates. He drew an ear for one girl because he said she was a good listener in class. He drew a person laughing for another girl because she was funny. He drew a picture of himself helping his friend who had a cast on his leg and then colored the friends shirt green because it's the friends favorite color. He drew sports things for a friend who likes sports and on and on…… for 25 kids. I was very impressed to watch him think personally about each kid in his class.  

That's what valentines is to me. 

Our valentine place to eat is "Taste of Punjabs." This year Mike took flowers over there earlier in the day. So they brought the flowers out in the middle of our dinner. It was such a fun little surprise. Thank you to my Valentine!

Jack and Jared turn 4

It's fun to celebrate with cousin Jared, especially since Mandy is more fun than I am and brings mustaches and such for the kids. 

My kids get so reserved sometimes around others. Jack's favorite thing to do is swing things and fling things so they hit into something.  He's constantly sword fighting. I'm mean smacking a piƱata  is right up his alley. Unless everyone is watching I guess.  I had to practically force him.

Happy birthday to Jack. I love your fat head and floppy body. I love watching you jump, kick, twist, flop and roll, pretending you are doing all sorts of tricks or fighting bad guys. I love when you are sweet and get this little crooked smile and half wink of the eye. I love how you like to make up stories either about something so far fetched or something you just heard Ivan tell me about. I hate how passive you are when we get after you and it doesn't phase you. I hate that you won't use the bathroom at other peoples houses. I hate how you have to throw things when you get mad.  I love your little sense of humor and how fun you are to snuggle with. I love how you get excited about hand-me-downs and other simple things or activities.  I hate how you love TV and video games so much. 
I do love you!!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The month of December (2013)

We've been trying to create the tradition of taking the first Mon of the month to do a Christmas FHE and then take the kids out to pick an ornament for the tree. Open new pajama's too, if they are in need. 
 Ivan picked a wolf ornament. Jack got an airplane. Emery picked a dog. This year was the first year we made it out of the store with the ornaments all in one piece.  yay

 What's December without a ward party or two or three. I actually like them. I have fond memories of them growing up. So this year we went to ours Friday night...

My moms ward Saturday morning-
 my fun young women's leader growing up and her husband

And then Mike's moms ward saturday night

I've been hosting a little Christma gift exchange game party thing at my house every year. This is maybe the 4th year? It's a pretty good time. We tried to get a family photo this year since everyone was there.

another of my favorite December activities. I really cannot wait to get my little one up their. Not because I think she needs to be a dancer, but just because dance recitals have been such a part of my life and me and all my siblings (even the boys) have gone through them and now all of the grandkids are. I can't wait for one of mine to be a part

I sure miss my grandparents (both sides). I'm glad we still get together with my extended family now and then. There is always a talent show. Singing, dancing, violin, piano, harmonica….

and standing there looking cute. She wanted to get up there and do something, but then when everyone was watching she all the sudden got shy and wouldn't move, but wouldn't get off the stage either 

Good, friendly neighbors who make the rounds

This year we actually held our Christmas eve party the day before Christmas Eve. We thought we would get Nielsens kids then. We didn't do anything service oriented this year. It was a pretty low key evening. I took a picture of the table just so I have one for the record. Mom has used those plates for years and I know one day I'll want to remember a simple thing like her table setting.

 Emery got a doll from my mom and spent the rest of the night on my dads lap rocking and feeding her baby. It was pretty sweet.
Never in my life have I had just my family alone on Christmas Eve. Growing up it was all my moms side of the fam. Now it's all me and my siblings. This year since we did that the day before Christmas Eve, it was just my little family. Mike's family gets together on Christmas day so we had his mom come stay over with us. We had a nice little dinner

 Mike got these gingerbread things from work so we decorated them

 We put the nativity together and talked about it

 Ivan got to unwrap the book his teacher gave him
 both boys actually got books from their teachers

I do, I do, I just love everything about Christmas. It was just like magic to me when I was little. I hope my kids feel the same. I wish I had more pictures of it when I was young, to recreate that magic

Mikes family get's together Christmas day.  Presents, presents and more presents! 
We do love our family

My favorite gift!
I think Ivan was more excited about this gift he made for us in school than anything. He could hardly wait for us to open it. He tried really hard not to tell us what it was before hand. Good job Ivan, way to have self control. We love you and your hands
Merry Christmas. Next year will be here before we know it