Sunday, July 29, 2012

25 days ago....

Here's our little Cheney family on the 4th of July, the day before Carson returned home to the Heavens. 
(I stole the pic from her facebook)
Look at that lil cute, chubby face! 
It's still unbelievable! I know there are a lot of people out there thinking day and night about the family. There are a lot of tears shed and a lot of prayers said. Everyone around them feels the loss and the heartache that comes with it. My thoughts are constantly there and tears come and go. That's just me, a neighbor. I can't imagine what Carsons momma and daddy go through each day. I get an idea from the little bits she posts and small conversations we've had, about how much she misses her little guy. I know she is so sad. I know that it's almost unbearable to carry on each day, but I also know that the gospel has made it possible for her to do so. I've wondered how I would do it. When I've talked to her I've learned that amazingly enough, the gospel does do that. Not necessarily the knowledge of the gospel, but the reality of a loving Father above who must pick you up and carry you during the times you can't do it yourself. Unfortunately it doesn't make it all better, but with all the pain and heartache it carries you through some how.

Recently she posted corrections to the media reports. I want to post what she wrote here too, because I feel like she wants the truth out, rather than the twists the media takes. So for the few who read our blog, here is a few of Hilary's thoughts.

"I feel the need to provide the correct information regarding Carson's death. The media didn't quite get it right and it has been bugging me. For starters, we were all there at the cemetery together. We were all near each other. Bridger to my left, Zac and Carson to my right. Carson was not off playing, he was trying to help make the kids smile for the photo. The headstone was NOT 6 feet tall. It was approximately 4.5 feet tall. I hate that the media says it was 6 feet. It was just tall enough that Carson could get his hands on top of it to try and peek over. The police have since found that the headstone was no longer attached to the base. Looks like some sort of mortar was holding it together but since it was built in 1886 the mortar no longer existed. That headstone was just waiting for someone to nudge it so it could topple over. Unfortunately, that person was my precious son. As much as we hoped that Carson was going to be ok. He was never responsive like the media reported. Once he was in the ambulance the medics performed CPR and continued doing so until Zac and I told them to stop 1 hour and 15 minutes later at the Park City hospital. I have found much comfort in knowing that Carson did not suffer. A loving Father in Heaven would not allow such a thing. I truly believe that children are spared any fright and pain in instances such as this. Jesus loves the little children. Thank you for all your many prayers. We are still struggling day to day but we will survive because of divine life support. Much Love, the Cheney's"

Carson turns 5 on Tuesday. Happy Birthday little guy. Keep watch over your good dad, mom and brother!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bikes for Carson

Carson learned to ride a bike, with no training wheels, before he turned 3!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Moment of Silence

I can't seem to sit down and update our life right now. It just doesn't feel right to do so. 

Our neighbors and friends lost their pride and joy and reason for living thur night to a tragic accident in a cemetery. I feel like everyone should stop, morn, feel compassion.....take a moment of silence of sorts. Hilary and I serve together in primary. During this time together I've learned  just how much she loves her boys. I know we all love our children, but when I think of Hilary I think of her two boys, because of the way she talks and lives her life for them. They are her everything. Know that there is a little family here in Lehi who needs the worlds prayers to mend their broken hearts.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

mowing..... it's on going

Remember last summer, when we got our new mower, how excited I was about all it's time saving features. Well I'm ready for an updated version, mower 2013, with a big button on the top that, when you push it, it freezes children and all their needs and wants until AFTER I'm done mowing. Crud, could I stop anymore times to open gates, re-put on shoes, get drinks, re-put on shoes?!?!? Except for Charlie, he is my faithful lawn mowing partner. He sticks by my side the whole time.