Friday, August 30, 2013

Highway to Heaven

Wow, Maybell is on the fast track to heaven! I had no idea she was so righteous. First the scriptures and now this!? We have got to quit being such good parents.

We haven't really formally told her to bow her head and pray when we do. We just kinda do it and she makes noise or eats or plays or whatever during the prayer. Well tonight we were all sitting there ready to eat and Mike says, "hmmmm, who's going to bless the food?" Then jokingly he turns to the little sweety pie and says, "Maybell, you wanna say the prayer?" She looks at him and then slowly bows her head and folds her arms and sits there for a minute. Oh man, it was pretty cute.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Early morning scripture study

Sometimes Maybell wakes up early in the morning while Mike is getting ready for work and I'm still sawing logs and she'll happily keep herself busy. Not all the time, but sometimes. The other morning I woke up and caught her in the middle of scripture study.