Thursday, December 31, 2015

Santa Came

He did it! He came and put furniture in her playhouse.
 I did it too! I did a lil fixing up. I slapped some paint in that baby, threw up some left over wall paper in one room and some drawer liner in the other. I couldn't get the old wall paper off very good and so I just papered right over it, for a nice textured look. 

We also got a life sized play house. Mike and I got a finished basement for Christmas this year. 

We had a great Christmas. I host a gift exchange party each year with my family and cousin, we did it early this year. We did it Nov 30th and watched a little Santa parade down main street. It was fun

Then instead of the present game we did the candy bar game

We made ginger bread houses w/home teachers

The first part of the month santa stopped in for his annual neighborhood visit

Nielsen family party with talent show, live nativity and present exchange at Aunt Ronda's

Christmas eve was nice. Normally we do it at my moms, but we didn't have Nielsens kids until Christmas day so we did our own thing at home. Mikes mom came out and we had a nice little dinner. Then Kate and Charlie came over and we let the kids open their pajama's, we did a little activity with the Nativity and then we decorated sugar cookies. It was really low key and great.

Christmas morning

 We are always talking with Ivan about how cool it would be to get a motor home and travel around. Santa brought Mike and I a lego motor home :)

 Grandma Balles'

 Grandma Youngs

 New years eve- Ivan was sick. We turned in at 9:30

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

getting ready for Christmas

And now I'm going to take this fine piece of art that my grandpa Ivan build for Mandy and I when we were little and fixer upper. Then we will set it out on Christmas eve and see if Santa will fill it with furniture, won't we Emery?