Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kassie's Calendar

This years featured picture from cousin Kassie's calendar
why: I love the country feel and when my grandparents lived in Mapleton they had an old, large red barn that we had the best of time playing in. It had this great tire swing hanging from the front, a top loft full of hay that we spent hours and hours playing in, a zip line that we miraculously survived countless runs from the tip top to the bottom on and the horses sugar cubes we used to sneak in and eat (gross).

My cousin Kassie has been developing her photography skills over the past few years. At our extended families Christmas party each year we exchange a gift with the cousin our age (a tradition since we were wee ones). Kassie and my sister Mandy always exchange. She started giving her one of the calendars she made each year. Then she started giving all the aunts one and now she gives everyone one. Something I most definitely look forward to. It sits right here next to my computer. Thanks Kassie

Monday, December 17, 2012

1934 ~ 2012
Lynn Royal Balle, our beloved husband, father, and grandfather, returned to his Heavenly Father on November 20, 2012 at home surrounded by his loving family. Lynn was born February 25, 1934 in Payson, Utah to Leo Royal Balle and Alpha Rozena Madsen.Lynn grew up in Payson, Utah, a place that was always dear to him. He attended Payson High School and later Brigham Young University. He postponed finishing his degree at BYU to serve in the United States Army as a radar specialist. Upon completion of his military service, he returned to BYU where he earned a degree in Accounting. He later earned an MBA from the University of Utah. The majority of Lynn's career was spent working as CFO for Primary Children's Hospital for over 30 years. He loved the hospital and the service it provided. He cherished the many friendships and close relationships he developed with the people there.Lynn found the love of his life, Sharon Fowkes, at a roller skating rink in Nephi. They were married on April 24, 1959 in the Manti Temple. Family was Lynn's pride and joy. He enjoyed a happy life with his wife, children, and grandchildren. He was a supportive father of four sons and enjoyed weekly visits by their families. Lynn loved the outdoors and enjoyed spending time in the mountains above Payson and Nephi as well as camping trips to the Fremont River.Lynn was a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served faithfully in many organizations and callings. He enjoyed serving for ten years as an ordinance worker in the Jordan River Temple. He faithfully supported four sons on missions and never missed a week writing a letter to each son.
Lynn is survived by his wife, Sharon, and their sons, Brad (Janeth), Mark (Lisa), Steven (Jennifer), and Michael (Rebecca);14 grandchildren and a great-grandson;

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Most Memerable Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving will for sure be one we remember and look back on with tender feelings. Mikes dad passed away just 2 days before, on Mikes birthday. I've taken more pictures since we've been married than I've ever taken throughout my life, but still when things like this happen you realize you just never have enough. These are a few precious one's we do have from the last year.
Jack and grandpa Balle last Feb on his 78th birthday
Grandpa and Emery
Since we've been married we have loved traveling to Payson and Nephi with Lynn and Sharon each Memorial day to put flowers on their parents graves.
Our last trip all together.
My father in law has been such an example to me of family. That was his "thing." He took pride in his yard, home and the family inside his home. They created a lot of memories together. The scene in this picture is a very familiar one for their family. They've hosted Sunday dinners every week from the time their first son got married . There is a picture taken around this table each year with each persons birthday. That makes for a lot of kitchen table pictures!
Just a few months ago
This is one of Mikes favorite pictures. Over the last few years it's been hard for Lynn to leave the house. It's been hard for him to get around, to remember certain things and to talk much. He spent most of his time in his chair. Sharon went in for knee surgery in October and was gone for about 3 days. It was hard on him to have her gone. The day she came home he was waiting in the chair. When she came in and sat down he didn't say anything, he just got up and walked over to where she was. He took her hand and let her know he loved her and was glad to have her home.
Then after that he just kinda started down hill pretty fast. In just a couple days time he wasn't able to even get out of bed. I love this picture. I can't really describe why, I just do. Sharon took such good care of him, not just in these later years, but all of his life. Mike remembers her always getting up early and making him breakfast before he left to work. He likes to tell me all about it in hopes that I will do the same! :) It sounds like a nice idea, but one that may never come to pass. Doesn't mean I don't love you honey :)Anyway- I just admire how well she took care of him. When he could no longer get out of bed the couple days before he passed, she was always just right there watching over him.
On November 20th he passed away. It was very peaceful. Family right by his side.
We decided to wait until Saturday to celebrate Thanksgiving.
The two grandson in laws played the guitar while the grand kids sang. They did it at the cemetery. It was really nice.
As the kids were practicing, Maybell caught the fever and ever so cutely joined them. All the sudden she just opened her mouth and started making noise right along with their voices. Ya know those mom's who watch their obnoxious child run around the store and pull all the food off the shelves, thinking, "oh isn't that the cutest thing ever." That was totally me. :) Here's all the grand kids trying to sing their song so pretty and I'm sitting there watching with a smile as my baby makes all sorts of loud obnoxious sounds.
She loves to look at people and study them so carefully
Everything was so nice. It is very hectic from the time of a passing until after the funeral. Lots of planning and decision making, but it all turned out so nice. It's still hard to think that he is actually gone.
Ivan is so little, but he seemed so big about it all. The night before he passed away, something must have come up about it and my tender hearted little 4 yr old just started to cry. He cried about not wanting his grandpa to go to Jesus and about how he didn't want his grandma to be all alone.

Ivan's new crush! His cousin Parker. He follows him everywhere. 
What a good grandma, to entertain in her time of sorrow.
And what are you smiling about miss Maybell? This isn't a laughing matter!
Their 4 sons
and 14 grand kids

and 4 daughter in laws and 3 grandson in laws

Mikes friends he grew up with
Jack, a little bored

 Parker's like, "really? you found me again?"
Mike's life time neighbors and very good friends of the family. Kate, this will be us one day! :)

the grandsons laying their flowers on the casket

Pardon the pants and socks pulled up over, that the baby is wearing. I forgot her totally cute skirt that went totally cute with that totally cute sweater she's wearing. Darn it.
I'm grateful to Lynn for raising four righteous boys. I'm so lucky to have married one of them. It's very sad to have him gone. We miss him. But at the same time we are grateful that Lynn didn't have to suffer, that his death was sweet and of a spiritual nature.We are grateful for his life. We will take care of Sharon as she goes on without him. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

ornament tradition round two

Last year we started our tradition where we take the first Monday in December and have FHE about Christmas and then we go out and each pick and ornament, label it with our name and the year and hang it on the tree. I believe in last years post I ended with something like, "better luck next year!" 

Unfortunately our luck was no better this year. 2nd year in a row the ornament was broken before we got out of the store. The boys were both VERY decisive when we got there. Jack got a power ranger and Ivan got spider man. 2 seconds later Ivan dropped his and the head and foot broke off. When we got home Jack cried about having to put it on the tree. He wanted the hanging string off. So I guess now it's a toy

Better luck next year!