Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jack's 18 month documentation

Jack is now the big one-eight. No height and weight stats to record, because we haven't been in for his well check yet. I keep getting the calls from IHC though, basically telling me I'm an abusive, neglectful mother who needs to take him in. Oh well.

Well, I can't believe he is now 18 months. For 2 reasons: One, because time has gone so fast and two, because he looks and seems like he's just a baby. I don't know if it's just the no hair thing that's keeping him looking young, but Ivan seemed like such a big boy by 18 months. He had more hair and I swear he was talking full sentences. We put him in a twin bed and I was about 5 months pregnant with Jack when Ivan was about 18 months. That really seems crazy. I can't see Jack in a twin bed and I can't imagine having another baby on the way when I still have this baby. The darlingest baby ever though. Man we love that cute, big head attached to a small body with short legs. He is so chill, but yet throws mean tantrums.

He loves this little book about pooh and tigger and when we get to a certain page where pooh can't find tigger he brings his hands up, palms facing up, like little kids do, and asks, "go?" and then the next page tigger is stuck in a tree and he says, "stuck." It's my favorite when they start doing stuff like that. The thing with my children is they are so sweet and fun at home and then turn into sour pusses when they are out around people. Nice people try to say nice things to them and they put their head down or in my shoulder and scowl. What's up with that? So I just
have to post cute video's now and then so other's can see that they actually do smile, laugh and are sweet. Actually this is more for the grandma's and Lanie. The last couple times she's been with us she has tried to get jack to talk and he won't, so here you go Lalanya...

Harry Potter

I read 5 of the 7 Harry Potter books and saw probably 2 of the movies so I wouldn't call myself a die hard, however I could quickly jump onto that Harry Potter bandwagon after the "Potter Palooza" Thur night. DEFINITELY a party you wish you'd dressed up for. One or 2 of the characters in the pictures I can't name... but I did eat mouse on a stick, drink butter beer and was sorted into Gryffindor- I do know that that's a good thing. Oh man we had a great time!

Mandy wasn't so lucky to get into Gryffindor and the starwars folk must have been silent protesters or something? :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Family Pix

While we were at the wedding, with a cute turquoise car, we decided to snap some family shots. Each of my siblings and their family, but we failed to get one of all of us together... with my parents. Duh. Oh well.Jamie, my oldest sister. Smart, funny and very creative. Capable of doing anything. Definitly the oldest child. Enjoys giving the rest of us orders. :) Serves others more than any other person on the planet. Husband Steve. Kids Bryce, Brady, Abby, Ellie

Second is my brother Nielsen. Definite piece maker. Quiet. Loves to hunt and be in the mountains. He is such a good dad and successfully fills the role of mom and dad. He takes the kids to do "man" things, but is able to put the girls hair in pony tails for them. He disciplines, but loves and snuggles them better than anyone. When he gets home from work even the 10 year old runs and jumps into his arms, with her long legs dangling down as he holds her. He truely is the best dad (as well as mike) :)

Nielsen, Audery, Morgan, Cole

The fight before a picture...

After much anger and persuassion.

I'm the middle child

Mike, Becca, Ivan, Jack

Mandy is my younger sister. Has always been quiet and timid, until her late 20's where she has surprised us with her party throwing skills. Very smart, loves to read, be outdoors and is following Jamies footsteps in the creative/handy department. Knows her politics

Saul, Mandy, Jensen, Jared

Our little giggling girls