Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So, most people don't post EVERY SINGLE picture they take in life or on vacation, but we do. It is my scrapbook so... that's where they all go!

We went to Soda Springs last weekend for Echo's wedding and decided to make a little vacation out of it. We had a great time. We stayed in Lava Hot springs a couple nights then went on to Jackson Hole. Now that Lave Hot Springs sure is an interesting place. It's TOTALLY a tourist town, however there's not a single decent hotel or place to eat. You'd think they would cute it up a bit for all the visitors. When you drive in it kinda feels like you are driving back in time 20 years or so. Oh well, it was fun and the hot pools are great...

and man I'm cool in sunglasses!

Jack and cousin Jared

Jensen, Jared, Jack & Ivan

Grandma & Grandpa- I'm sure they'd be thrilled to know I put this picture up.

My boys.

The beautiful bride and mom before the wedding.

We raise rock throwers in our family.

I love both faces.

A little friendly banter before the ceremony starts.

Dang that's a cute little smile peaking through that greasy, stringy hair.

Here comes the bride

we haven't messed around with our camera enough to know the focus options so it focused on the lovely ladies heads in front of us instead of Echo in the car

Dad and daughter- Uncle Bill & Echo

Exploring a bit.

Here's my little Echo about 15 years ago. It's still how I think of her... as being my little 3 year old.

Now she's a married women!

After the wedding the rest of the family headed home. We stayed and had ice cream and enjoyed the only pretty part of Lava, the "sunken gardens."

We didn't tell them to walk like that.

There was a train that went through the mountain every hour it seemed.

The kids loved it. These are the train watching seats.

Next morning we had a nice healthy breakfast at the local supermarket,

an 8 second ride

and headed to Jackson.

It was kinda nice to have another place to look forward to instead of heading back home.

We stopped along the Snake river on the way to Jackson to watch the rafters. You can see by my winter coat that the weather was a bit chilly

Where's Ivan?

Ivan likes to pretend he's one animal or another. So right now I think he's either crouching tiger or hidden dragon? He makes his way out from behind the rock... in character. If you look closely at his face you can see the animal in him.

We went to Jenny Lake- saw a moose

and pretty scenery.

Enjoyed the relaxing boat ride across the lake.

Hiked to the hidden falls

Our wintry winter we had, and are still having in some places, has made it so the lakes are high,

the streams are gushing,

there's water,


and more water.

and ta-da... there is snow.

More moose.

Back across the lake.

It's kinda hard vacationing with small children because their idea of fun is a little different than yours.

And this maybe a little inappropriate or personal for others to see, but my favorite thing to do is nurse and Mikes favorite thing is to see that little leg resting up on mine. So he took a picture.

New pajamas

The last day we took the tram up on top of the Tetons.

Ahhhh, Our beautiful summer vacation!

Hiking up the snowy bank

Hiking down the snowy bank.

Yes, we are snuggled together here waiting for the next tram down, but I bet you can't guess what else we are discreetly doing?

On our way down

And then "home James and don't spare the horses..."

An expression my parents use. Not sure where it came from

or the cows in our case!
Home Sweet Home.