Thursday, March 8, 2018


Hmmm lets see, how did February turn out this year?
 I think it's probably pretty similar to January. Our routine is running to the school to change out the home reading books, then tumbling (Emery) and swim (Jack & Emery) on Mondays.  Tuesdays we do piano (Jack) then to dance (Emery) and then to soccer (Ivan) practice. Wednesdays we are back to tumbling and then scouts (me, Ivan & Jack). Thursdays slow down to just soccer (Ivan) and Friday is piano for me and then a bit of freedom. 

My mom turned 72 this month. It is so crazy. My cousin sent this picture to me. It's the one my grandma put in the paper to announce my parents engagement. I see a little bit of Jack in her.

Valentines was pretty wet and cold. We made our annual sugar cookies and delivered them to friends and grandma's and then just took the whole family and went to Himalayan kitchen for dinner.

Ivan plays football no matter what

It was Emery's turn to be star student. This poster notes that she likes dance, roller blading, tumbling, BBQ chips dunking in cottage cheese, and fav book is Magic Treehouse.

Jack did his spotlight in January but thought I'd throw it in while putting Emery's up.

Updated picture of the babies

 How come babies like to sit on the dishwasher door?

 Just quick Kate update. 
She likes to look through books. She gives a cute little excited laugh when I get out of the van and she can see me walk around behind it until I reach her door. She loves skin (like Ivan did as a baby). Any skin she see's showing she'll either give it a little pinch, a zerbert or rub it. She leans in quite often for a kiss. Sometimes when I'm nursing her she'll pull off and say, "mom" and if I don't answer she'll say it again, "mom." and if I tell her, "shhh go to sleep" or ignore her or say anything other than, "what?" she'll just keep saying "mom." as soon as I say "What?" a bunch of gibberish comes rolling out of her mouth and then she'll go back to nursing. The process can repeat itself 3 or 4 times during the nursing session or when we are driving in the car. She is saying so much. She tells everyone in the store "hi." One day we were at the store and I was stopped looking at something and there was a lady next to us looking at her phone. Kate said, "hi." The lady didn't respond so she said it again. Then again. The lady was looking at her phone texting so kate bend down and forward toward her kinda like she was trying to stick her face under the ladies to get her attention and said "hi!" again. One of my favorite things is how she nods her head yes. Most the time babies get good at the "no" head shake, but when I ask Kate something she will nod her head two quick nods yes. She loves dogs and discovered a pair of jelly shoes and some pink shoes in  her drawer and always wants them on. 

Cousin Cody is headed to Jackson Mississippi as a missionary. We drove to Idaho to hear him speak in church. We are excited for him.

We are just starting to get our winter snow. ug.

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