Thursday, April 20, 2017

Random acts of Kateness

 she pulls the blanket up to her face when she sleeps. Sometimes I go in and move it down

 but she pulls it right back up

kinda scary, right? 
But aren't those legs poking out delicious.

 I was watching a show on my phone and fell asleep and dropped the phone, but my hand was still kinda up. Mike took a picture cuz looks like Kate was doing the same thing

 Out for Indian food-first time in a high chair

helping me cook dinner.
You are a happy, happy girl. Your tongue seems to always be hanging out the side of your mouth. You have a fun high pitched squill when you are excited. We have staring contests a lot. You love to watch everyone around you and you make that zerbert (sp) noise out of your mouth a lot. I can not quit kissing your fat cheeks and snuggling your little butt!! I love waking up next to your little body. When you wake up you are all smiles and it is so dang cute. I love to change your clothes and have your little fat legs flop out when I undress you. We love you so much


  1. So cute, looks like she was made from the same recipe of cuteness.

  2. What a cute baby girl. She is coming into her own!