Saturday, December 30, 2017


This years ornimants
pink power ranger, starwars, spiderman and a dog for Kate

 This years pajamas..... it's nice I got a picture of the wrapping paper rather than the actual pajamas

This years dance recital

This years sleeping arrangements. Jack and Emery liked to push the two chairs together to make a little crib  and  then trade off sleeping next to the Christmas tree

This years (our first) tumbling performance
Jude and Kate cheering Emery on

In October I got a picture of the oldest and youngest cousin on Mikes side. This is the oldest and youngest on my side

This years school Christmas sing



This years present game party at my house

 This year cousin Eric got married. We are so excited for them

This years Christmas morning

This years Christmas day

And this year I was so excited to get my third Christmas hand wreath. So far all my kids have had Mrs Ellsworth for Kindergarten and so I have one of these awesome decorations for Ivan, Jack, Emery and hope one day to get one for Kate

After Christmas this year we took trax uptown to see the lights

This years New Years Eve
Kate and Jude

Kate and McKay

 Uncle Mark and Emery

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