Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Kate LaVer at 6 months

Goodness this girl is going on 8 months. I can hardly remember the other kids as babies and that is so stinking sad. I try to take mental pictures of her everyday and think how can I forget how cute she is and all the fun baby things she does, but I know I will. So things we'll miss....
*the smell of the top of her head
*kissing her soft, chubby neck
*her little "ah, ah, ah" and "da, da, da" sounds
* the loud little squeal she lets out
*her little fat legs flopping around
*when she places her whole mouth over mine for some kisses
*sweet baby breath
*her little hand rubbing my neck and arms as she nurses
*her happy, happy disposition.  Its so easy to get a smile out of her
*how her face lights up when the other kids talk to her
* that little tongue always hanging out

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