Saturday, March 25, 2017


It's a rainy, rainy day today. Seems perfect to document our Oregon trip.

Mike's nephew has two little kids who our kiddo's love to play with. They moved to Oregon about a year ago (is that right Malori?) to do his residency. We got to go out and visit them in March.

We stopped 1/2 way (Idaho) and stayed a night with Steve and Jen. 
(Mikes brother)

Then we drove a very long 8 hrs the next day. I hope we don't get turned in from this picture. There was a stretch of very little traffic and open road so kids got to spread out for a bit. And made a fort.

When they were living in Utah the kids got really into a show called PJ Masks. So when we got there we gave them all PJ Mask pajamas. I didn't even get a picture of them all? 
(if you did malori will you send it to me) But here's Jack and Dawson in theirs.

and it happened to be Emery's bday while we were there so they gave her the owlette doll. Thank you.

We stayed one night on the coast. 
These tide pools were pretty cool. We saw some big star fish and other little things. 

and walked up to the light house

We walked through the little touristy town and ate at a yummy Mexican place 
(Mal, if you have a picture of that send it too)

Then we went back to our room which was a pretty cool place. The kids enjoyed this little office room.

The view was awesome

It was FREEZING on the beach so we only stayed a little bit. 
Kristian and Ivan sword fighting

I wanted to get some beach picture of my kids doin their thang. My niece Malori took them and did awesome. My poor kids, it was stinking cold!

Too cold for baby Kate, but I'm happy she snapped this dang cute picture just before we left

Other than that, we just sort of played around and did things for the kids, like yogurt, bounce houses, swimming and just being together.

Ate an artichoke in honor of grandpa Balle.
Here's Kristian amazing the kids as he cuts into the artichoke heart

We stayed up and played cards and monopoly and visited and just had a grand ol time. Thank you for hosting us. We want to come again.

All the kids just before we said our goodbye's.

 We stayed another night at Steve and Jens on the way home and then when we got home we went to Brad and Jan's to hear where Brett is going on his mission. 
Texas Baby!

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  1. That was so fun! next time I won't be sick and pregnant and stay up and party with you guys more ;)